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TrueConf Room Free

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TrueConf Room

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Bring your own devices
4K video meetings
Content sharing
User-friendly control interface
QR codes for meeting control
Conference scheduling
Interoperability with SIP/H.323 endpoints and Video Surveillance Systems
On-Premises Setup
Audio conferencing Integration with enterprise PBX, VoIP or PSTN providers for calls
Built-in NDI Support
Support for multiple screens
Flexible video layouts
Real-time meeting management
PTZ camera control
Different access rights for users and administrators
Choosing UI elements to be displayed on the main screen
Changing video layout skins
Customization: upload your corporate logo to be displayed on the main screen
“TrueConf Room Free” caption displayed during the meeting


Is TrueConf Room free?

Yes, you can download the free version here.

How long is a free license valid?

The free license is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Why should I try TrueConf Room?

You should try TrueConf Room if you are organizing or participating in video conferences in meeting rooms, as the application can be used to display conference participants on large screens. It also enables users to create and run conferences from their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices by scanning a QR code or following a link.

How to get started with TrueConf Room?

Download TrueConf Room and sign in with your TrueConf Server or TrueConf Online user account.

Can TrueConf Room be used with TrueConf Server Free?


What are the limitations of the TrueConf Room free version?

Read our article to learn more about the differences between TrueConf Room Free and TrueConf Room.

Is TrueConf Room a ready-to-use room kit?

No, TrueConf Room is an application designed to run video conferences in meeting rooms. If you are looking for ready-to-use room kits, take a look at TrueConf Group or TrueConf Videobar.

How can I try TrueConf Room?

When you download TrueConf Room, we provide you with a free 21-day trial of TrueConf Room. Read more about the benefits of TrueConf Room and learn how to activate your free trial in our article.

How can I get TrueConf Room?

If you would like to purchase TrueConf Room or learn more about this solution, please contact our sales department. We will be happy to help you.

How do I get regular updates when using TrueConf Room?

After purchasing TrueConf Room you will be able to update your solution to a minor version for free. If you’d like to update your TrueConf Room to a major version, you will need to buy any paid TrueConf technical support package. You can learn more about available technical support packages here.