Events on Demand

Event plan is a great way to hold one-time event with up to 120 persons in one virtual room.

In order to participate in an online conference, users simply need to install TrueConf Online application for their platform. A webcam and a headset will be enough for a comfortable communication.

How to organize an event on demand

Price Calculator
Select Number of Users
Price per Day$50.00


Terms of Use and Features
  • The conference live time is 24 hours after the start. You can schedule ahead and make tests in advance.
  • The price depends on the number of participants. Minimum number of users is 10, while maximum number is 120.
  • One-time event trial version is available for all TrueConf Online users. Within 15 minutes you can organize group video conference session for up to 6 users.
  • Only registered users can take part in the conference.
  • Scheduled event is held in a virtual meeting mode.
  • Up to 4 users may take the “podium” simultaneously. In the course of conference each participant can become a speaker by sending a request to the presenter to step on the “podium”.
  • Each event has its own web page on TrueConf web site. The organizer can also elaborate on the planned conference and attach the files for uploading.
  • All the selected participants will receive an invitation via e-mail to participate in a video conference.
  • Text chat is available for all the participants. The speakers may use different tools, for example show slides and share their desktop
  • Video conference session can be recorded, for example for further video processing and distribution.
  • After the event, the organizer can view the report.