How to Create a Multipoint Video Conference in TrueConf for Windows

Alexander Galvita
November 17, 2014
Alexander Galvita

симметричная конференцияTrueConf client application allows you to create different types of group conferences, which can involve up to several hundred users. Right now we will talk specifically about symmetric multipoint conferences. Those are group video conferencing sessions, in which all the participants can see and hear each other.

The users of TrueConf Online cloud videoconferencing service can create symmetric conferences with up to 9 participants.

During the conference, users have access to all kinds of collaboration tools: text chat, file transfer, whiteboard, desktop sharing, slide show, and conference recording.

1-minute video guide on how to create a conference in TrueConf client application.

The Maximum Number of the Participants to a Symmetric Conference in TrueConf for Windows

Free Plan Pro Plan Corporate Plan Events on Demand TrueConf Server
Symmetric Group Conference Up to 3 users Up to 9 users Up to 9 users unavailable Up to 36 users

How to Organize a Group Conference in TrueConf Online

Step 1: Choosing the Type of a Conference

Click on Group Conference icon in application’s window to create a group conference. It opens a window where you should select the “Symmetric” type of conference. In the “Subject” box you can optionally define the theme of the event:


Step 2: Selecting and Inviting the Participants to a Conference

The maximum number of participants in a symmetric group conference in TrueConf Online application is 9 (including you), so you can select up to 8 users from your address book. The list to the left shows the names of the people from your address book who are currently online. Click on the desired user and move it to the right list by pressing Add a Participant to Invitation List button. To remove a user from the right list, click the Remove Participants From the List button.

Step 3: Starting a Conference

Once all the participants are selected and entered in the list on the right, you can start a group video conference. By clicking on the Start button you will send an invitation to all the selected users at once. Button Cancel will close the window of creating a group video conference.

All invited users will see the following window:

invite to the conference

Managing Window Layout During a Group Conference

During a group conference you can change the layout of user video by moving video windows around, increasing their sizes and carrying user video or presentations over to separate screen.

To increase the size of your or someone’s video image (e.g. current speaker’s), left double click on the desired window.

Also, during such conference, you can drag video windows into separate windows. This can be done manually by simply dragging the video window somewhere on the screen, or by clicking the special button.

In the lower right corner of the video there is an icon “Show video in a separate window”:


Clicking on it will move video to a separate window. This feature is particularly relevant for making a presentation. For the graphic images not to layer on the images of other participants, it is better to display them separately.

In this example we see a role-based video conference with image of one of the speakers displayed in a separate video window. The image of the other speaker is displayed on the full screen.

To return the window to its original size just drag it back to the window manually, or use the button “Close separate video window and return to normal view in the main window” – vernut-videookno-v-konferentsiyu.

How to Organize a Group Conference in TrueConf Server

The maximum number of the participants to a symmetric group conference on the server is 36. As a TrueConf Server user, you can schedule a conference in advance. Here are some tips for a network administrator:

Step 1: Create a New Group Conference

Enter web configurator and go to Group conferences tab to plan a conference on the server. In the opened window choose a conference type – private or public. Then click Role based (set by default) in the Conference mode field of the event creation window:


In the opened window choose Symmetric section and click Save:


Then fill in all the fields (detailed information on this action is given in the artice devoted to Conference planning). After that click Save button:


Step 2: Start the Conference

To start a scheduled symmetric conference, use the “Launch” button:


Happy conferencing!

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