How to Create WebRTC Conference – Step by Step Tutorial

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What are the benefits of WebRTC?

  • Full scale audio and video communication between server users and users connected through a browser.
  • Text Messaging With Conference Paricipants.
  • Viewing slide presentations, shared by users of the client application.
  • You don’t have to be a TrueConf Server user – you can use the guest access.
  • Supported by all popular browsers – Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Starting with TrueConf Server 4.2.0, WebRTC client includes not only broadcasting to the browser, but a full client, which allows user to join the video conferences on the server and interact with the participants in the event.

So let’s try to connect to a video conference using just your browser!

Where to get a link to the WebRTC video conference connection?

You need to obtain a link to WebRTC conference from your server administrator to connect to the video conference.

The link is in Group conferences tab with the event name:

external page

How to connect to the private video conference?

Only registered on the server users can connect via browser WebRTC to the private conference, created on the server. To make a connection:

  • open the link in a browser
  • enter your TrueConf ID and Password and click “Sign in”:

  • сlick Join in the opened window:


How to connect to the public video conference?

Public video conference assumes connection via WebRTC for both registered and guest users (not registered on the server).

When the link for connection to the conference is followed the window will open in the browser. Click Enter as guest:


Then enter your username in the corresponding field and click Enter as guest again:


Click Join again:


On public conference creation server administrator can allow or forbid the Guest users:

  • send video and audio
  • send messages to the Conference chat or to the individual user

You are Connected!

After authorization you will become a full-fledged participant of the video conference:


In the upper right corner you can find useful settings:

volume – Volume;

camera – Enabling / disabling the camera;

microphone – Enabling / disabling the microphone;

chat – Instanting Messaging;

conference participants – Participants List Options;

window-change – Minimizing / maximizing the conference window.

I cannot enter to WebRTC conference using “Enter” button. What should I do?

Check browser and Trueconf Server compatibility.
Only the browsers built on Chromium are compatible:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Opera;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Yandex Browser;
  • Etc.

How to Use Text Messaging in WebRTC?

In order to enter a common text chat (for all the participants to the conference), click Chat icon in the top right corner of a confeence window, and enter your message in the «Write a message» box. Then click «Send» or press Enter:

Send message

The message will be send to all the conference participants.

How to Send a Personal Message?

Pointing any Participant name appears a text Chat icon. You can click the icon to send a text message to the participant of the conference:


If you have entered the WebRTC conference as a Guest user and have no rights to use the chat (set by server administrator), you can not send personal messages to other Participants.

How can I know that the personal message was received?

In this case, the chat icon will look like this Message.

To open a message, click «Common». In this window you will see a username of the participant who have send you this personal message. Click this name:


To switch between common and personal chat, use this window (opens by clicking «Common» or the username of the participant you are chatting with):

Common WebRTC Chat

How to view a presentation in the WebRTC conference?

Subscribers, who joined the conference through the browser, can view slide presentations shared by the TrueConf client application users. As soon as one of the speakers starts sharing, the screen with the presentation will be displayed in the WebRTC conference window.

Participants of WebRTC conference can hide a presentation delete or open it in full screen mode in_big_window, using Arrow icons on the left side of presentation file icon.

Participants List Options

Clicking the Participants List icon conference participants, opens the WebRTC-conference window with the conference Participants List. Depending on Conference Type and the Participant Role (Host (Moderator), Speaker (takes the Podium), Listener or any Participant, who leaves an audio message, using Push to Talk). Such icons can be displayed to the left of Participant name:

moderator – Conference Owner (Conference creator)

tribune – Speaker in a role-based video conference

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