How to join TrueConf video conference via a link

Alexander Galvita
July 2, 2019
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf video conference may have its own webpage with address in format http://<server>/c/<CID> , where <server> is TrueConf Server IP address or name, and <CID> is a conference identifier.  For example:

Previously we have explained how to organize webinars or conferences on TrueConf Server in our blog post.

Users and guests can obtain conference link from the server administrator. The link can be generated during conference scheduling process and shared automatically or in any other suitable way.

Enter the page

Open conference page in your browser. If the conference has already started press Join button.

If the conference has not started yet this button will not appear. Instead you will see conference countdown time. You can add the webinar to your Google Calendar or any other calendar prior to the event by pressing Add to Calendar.

Log In

After you have pressed Join button you will see several authorization options: join as a registered user with your TrueConf ID and password (if you already have TrueConf account or have received this information in the conference invitation) or join as a guest (you will only need to enter your name).

Guest login is not always available (it is enabled only if Public Conferences extension is added to your TrueConf Server license). If you don’t see Enter as Guest button, please ask your server administrator to provide you with your authorization details.

After you have authorized, you will be able to select how to join the conference.

How to join the conference

Via browser

Press Browser button on the join page. After that you will immediately join the conference.

Use these buttons at the bottom of the page to choose the following setting:

and  — sound playback and record devices;

— video capture device;

 — all devices.

Our WebRTC application operates in all popular browsers (desktop and mobile) and allows you to participate in the conference at the full scale.  You can send your video and audio, exchange messages in chat and view shared content. 

However, you can take advantage of much more features (e.g. video conference recording, content sharing, slideshow) with our desktop client applications. Below we will review our client apps with TrueConf for Windows given as an example. 

Via one-time application

If you choose Temporary Application as your joining option, TrueConf 6.6.2 application will start downloading. This app does not require installation to the system. Start it, and you will be automatically logged in and added to the conference.

This option is available only if you are using Windows device to join the conference.

One-time application has the same functionality as a regular desktop application.  However, this application cannot be used for joining other conferences and will automatically close once the current conference ends.  

Via pre-installed application

If you are planning to participate in TrueConf video conferences we would often recommend you to install standard desktop application (it is available for all popular platforms) in order not to download one-time application each time.

If the application is installed on your computer, you will be able to select Preinstalled Application option to join the conference. The application will start automatically and connect you to the server where the conference is running.

Happy video conferencing!

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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