How to Connect Speakerphone to the TrueConf Server

Alina Krukova
March 12, 2019
Alina Krukova

Speakerphone is an important part of a video conferencing session ensuring high-quality crisp sound without extraneous noise in a meeting room of any size. To serve large areas (meeting rooms, conference halls), several speakerphones are daisy-chained.

Phoenix Spider MT505 is an echo-canceling speakerphone with SIP support and touch keypad. The advanced stylish device with four built-it microphones ensures superb audibility even if the speaker is three meters away from the speakerphone.

Today we’ll be talking about how to connect Phoenix Spider MT505 to the TrueConf Server. Okay, let it roll!

Step 1: Create a new account on the server

Read here how to add a new user.

Step 2: Configure the speakerphone Phoenix Audio Spider

Open the Spider control panel. Go to the tab Configuration, select Quick Setup. A new form to fill in will open in the main window:

In the section SIP Proxy and Registrar fill in the field Proxy IP Address or Host Name (specify the IP address of your server) and in the section Line Settings fill in the fields:

  • User ID, Authentication User Name – the first part of the TrueConf ID created on the user server.
  • Authentication Password — a password for the created account.

Press Submit to save the changes.

Check the connection status on the speakerphone’s screen – the image of a phone in the upper left corner should not be crossed out:

Step 3: Check the connection in the TrueConf client application

Here’s an example of a successfull connection in the TrueConf client application – a new user should be displayed in the online users list of your Address book. This will be visualized by a green indicator to the left of his name. You can call this user of send him an invitation to a group conference:


Step 4: Make a call

Dial digital TrueConf ID on the keyboard of the speakerphone. Numeric alias can be created for users with alpha ID. Learn more about alias and how to created it here.