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What is the Difference Between TrueConf Online and TrueConf Server

July 16, 2014
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

Today we will answer one of the frequently asked questions we get from our clients – what is the difference between TrueConf Server software and TrueConf Online cloud solution, as well as tell you about what is the purpose of each product.

Personal Communication or Corporate Use?

TrueConf Server is a software video conferencing server created for the construction of an independent system for video conferencing in private enterprise networks. It is secured and does not depend on an Internet connection. Users connect to the server using TrueConf client applications.

TrueConf Server Scheme

TrueConf Server Scheme

TrueConf Server is installed in enterprise’s infrastructure and is controlled by its system administrator who manages the system users, groups and their rights, and scheduling events. TrueConf Server can also be integrated with various communications equipment by means of a dedicated web interface.

TrueConf Server Web Manager

TrueConf Online works only over the Internet and does not require its own server – we have already set up everything for you, so is perfect for small businesses and remote employees. To make a video call or to create a group video conference, simply download and install the client application and register (get TrueConf ID).

TrueConf Online has less features than TrueConf Server dedicated systems.

TrueConf Online Scheme

TrueConf Online Scheme

Licensing Procedure

TrueConf Online

  • 1-day subscription (Event service plan) – if you need to hold a single event in the form of role-based video conference (up to 4 speakers and the audience of up to 116 people).
  • 1-month subscription – if you are using video conferencing on daily basis, take a look at Pro and Corporate service plans.
  • 1-year subscription – for Pro and Corporate service plans saves 16% of the cost.
  • Unlimited subscription – enjoy TrueConf video conferencing without time limits with Free service plan (group video conferences up to 3 participants, Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard, Slide Show, File Transfer, Group Text Chat).

TrueConf Server

Download TrueConf Server

The Maximum Size of Conferences

Both products are suitable for large-scale video conferencing, but the maximum number of participants for group video conferencing in TrueConf Online is 120, while the Server can broadcast for up to 250 users.

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Comparison of Capabilities

Features ТrueConf Online ТrueConf Server
1-on-1 Video Calls YES YES
Free Group Video Conferencing for up to 3 Participants YES YES
All Modes of Group Video Conferencing 120 participants 250 participants
Collaboration Tools YES YES
Scalable Video Coding (SVC) YES YES
Phones Calls NO YES
Working in Private Networks without Internet Connection NO YES
Integration with H.323/SIP Equipment NO YES
Integration with PBX and VoIP Devices NO YES
WebRTC Conferencing NO YES
Video Surveillance via RTSP NO YES
Integration with LDAP/AD NO YES
UDP Multicast NO YES

What to choose?
For those who do not plan to conduct frequent online meetings or going to organize a one-time event, we certainly recommend TureConf Online. If you want to carry out regular activities between the branches of your organization, then your choice is TrueConf Server.

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