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How Artificial Intelligence and data science work for an online conference?

March 1, 2023
Nikita Dymenko

Nikita Dymenko

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AI in Video Conferencing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a self-learning program that helps to implement creative tasks that were previously considered exclusively the prerogative of a person. This system is one of the most important scientific achievements of recent decades, as it has opened access to a variety of technological solutions that previously seemed like a real fantasy. AI has now spread everywhere, from contact centers to creating commercial images for designers, helping engineers design high-rise buildings, or applying AI in cybersecurity.

With the advent of AI image generators, designers can now streamline their creative processes, generating images efficiently and with remarkable realism.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has initiated a revolution in contemporary communication, ushering in significant transformations across diverse domains. AI’s proficiency in managing substantial data volumes and discerning intricate patterns has led to substantial enhancements in the effectiveness and personalization of communication channels. Chatbots, powered by AI, offer rapid responses to customer inquiries, elevating customer service quality and fostering deeper connections. Moreover, AI-based automated contact centers aid in creating commercial images for designers, help engineers design high-rise buildings, and even generate intricate embroidery designs with precision and efficiency with the help of AI image generator. Similarly, AI video makers can take a base video and personalize it with elements like greetings, product recommendations, or specific data visualizations, all tailored to the individual viewer. showcasing the versatility of AI across various creative fields.

AI-driven language translation services have bridged language barriers, rendering global communication effortless. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa simplify tasks through voice commands, enhancing user convenience. In the realm of email management, AI takes charge by intelligently filtering, categorizing, and prioritizing messages. Moreover, AI-powered sentiment analysis tools aid businesses in comprehending public opinion, enabling them to fine-tune messaging strategies and make well-informed decisions. In summary, AI has evolved into an integral component of modern communication, delivering heightened speed, accuracy, and accessibility across a wide array of applications and scenarios.

The field of video conferencing, which is closely linked to data science, has also been affected by this phenomenon of our time. Thanks to modern technologies, online meeting solutions have added many new features, drastically improving the quality of communication. In this article, we have gathered the most useful AI-based solutions offered by video conferencing providers that may be of interest to you and help you with your work.

Exploring Video Conferencing Capabilities With AI

AI opens up great opportunities not only for ordinary users, but also for business representatives. Both small companies and large organizations can take advantage of the benefits of video conferencing offered by the latest technological advances. AI-based capabilities not only include background replacement, which is already quite common among vendors, but also tools that enhance the productivity of collaboration.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue to gain an accurate understanding:

1. NLP to sharpen speaker’s voice

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Al and mathematical linguistics that studies the problems of computer analysis and synthesis of texts in natural languages. This includes not only text generation, but also voice recognition, which are now actively being used in various fields, including video conferencing. This opportunity has led to the involvement of AI in various sound enhancement systems during online communication. In particular, many vendors are now actively adding, or have already added, the ability to sharpen the speaker’s voice.

Plenty of businesses are also using this technology to get unique contact center automation solutions for optimizing their contacts. The integration of contact center AI solutions goes beyond efficiency gains; it reshapes how businesses interact with customers and streamline complex tasks in various industries.

The NLP feature is especially important for users who often use video conferencing during business trips. Increasing the sharpness of the speaker’s voice significantly improves the quality of communication, even in noisy or crowded environments, which is very important for elevating customer service.

2. Voice-to-text transcription

Voice-to-text transcription has become one of the features that have significantly improved and simplified companies’ collaboration through video conferencing. Users no longer need to be distracted during online meetings by taking notes or endlessly rewinding the recording to find the most important parts of the discussion. It is enough to transcribe the active speakers’ speech and select the necessary fragments of the discussion into a ready-made text file. Government employees are actively utilizing this opportunity by using video conferencing for remote service provision.

The fact is that regular meetings, which are necessary for productive activities, are typical not only for commercial organizations. Judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies, the navy, and rapid response services are just a few of the state spheres that use video conferencing to simplify and accelerate important decision-making. Because every word is important here, transcription allows employees to not miss a single important detail, which could potentially have a life-altering impact.

3. Analyzing meeting room

The ability of AI to recognize speakers’ voices makes online meetings even more convenient, thereby improving the quality of communication. With the help of special machine learning algorithms, users can automatically translate the words of their interlocutor, which is extremely important for international discussions. Nowadays, video conferencing vendors are actively developing AI language skills and expanding the list of available languages.

4. Computer vision for utmost video experience

Computer vision is a field of science that deals with creating and studying computer systems that have a high-level understanding of digital images or videos. Thus, not only scientists but also programmers are able to realize the tasks that the human visual system performs. In the case of AI, this function is implemented through convolutional neural networks (CNN), which are part of deep machine learning.

Computer vision is now being used to improve images and videos by studying and identifying areas that require improvement: noise reduction, contrast enhancement, brightness adjustment, and color balance. These capabilities are reflected in video conferencing, for which image quality is one of the most important factors. This isn’t just for video conferences but can also be applied to images. If you are trying to cartoonize a picture, the same technology that Picart’s offers can also help emulate the results in a cartoon-like format.

One of the experimental areas of computer vision is intelligent real-time monitoring. This feature is used by some vendors, but so far the implementation area is mainly broadcasts. Whether you consider leveraging AI for IT Operational purposes or for computer vision applications, it’s crucial to assess the specific needs of your business and the capabilities of the AI solution you choose.

The TrueConf AI Suite

Keeping up with the times, TrueConf solutions are equipped with advanced AI-based features that take communication to a qualitatively new level. Cutting-edge machine learning allows the solution to not only automatically generate a layout depending on the active speakers, but also to provide intelligent focusing if there are multiple users in the frame. Another convenient feature of TrueConf is the transcription of virtual meetings, which allows you to convert a conference recording into a detailed text. In the case of typical problems, a special AI-powered assistant will come to the rescue and provide useful tips on how to resolve the situation.

However, this is not the limit of TrueConf’s capabilities, as it offers a number of advanced features:

Smart Noise Suppression

smart noise suppressionTrueConf solutions are equipped with a noise reduction system that allows users to host video conferences even in an unfavorable environment, be it a crowded street or an industrial workshop. The built-in AI-based algorithm recognizes the source of interfering sounds and reduces its volume, leaving only the speaker’s voice audible. At the same time, the user does not need to worry about the details of the meeting: the system will take care of everything automatically.

Background blurring

background blurringThanks to the technology of smart background blurring, the participants of the virtual discussion need not worry about their environment, no matter what happens. The AI-powered system ensures privacy of communication regardless of the background, even if you are in a public place. The participants of the video conference can only see you, helping to focus on the conversation and not be distracted by what is happening behind you.

Virtual background

background replacementWith the help of the background replacement tool, users can upload any interior or landscape of their choice, or select from a list already available, to participate in an online meeting. If necessary, participants can install a branded or AI-generated image and use it as a virtual environment. Don’t worry about the position in the frame, the AI-based system will ensure the user’s privacy is preserved from start to finish of the conference.


Time does not stand still: likewise, the development of technologies constantly offers more and more new opportunities. Thanks to the flexible capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning, video conferencing is moving to a new level of convenience, providing users with uninterrupted and high-quality communication no matter where they are.


When choosing a solution for online meetings, you can opt for TrueConf, which offers a completely novel experience of virtual interaction. Keep up with the times and enjoy the technologies of the future!


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