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Why does TrueConf Server Free need to be connected to registration server?

March 29, 2019
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

TrueConf Server Free requires constant Internet and registration server connection (reg.trueconf.com) via port 4310.

This article explains why this connection is necessary and why you do not need to worry about protection of data stored on the server.

Full version of TrueConf Server can operate without Internet connection (even at the registration stage).

Registration server connection

TrueConf Server Free transmits service information to registration server in order to:

  • protect your registration key from unauthorized use;
  • speed up troubleshooting by technical support.

Which information is transmitted by TrueConf Server Free

TrueConf Server Free transmits the following information:

  • technical parameters of the computer where the server is installed;
  • server service events (e.g. start or stop);
  • general usage statistics.

TrueConf Server never transmits data related to server inner configuration, including:

  • server settings;
  • user personal data;
  • media data (video and content transmitted during conferences);
  • any text entered by the administrator in the control panel (conference name, list of conference participants, IP addresses, etc.);
  • calls/conference history and conference recordings.

TrueConf video conference solutions guarantees secure data protection and complies with GDRP and HIPAA international standards.

Is it possible not to connect to registration server?

Yes, it is possible. Purchase full version of TrueConf Server that can operate without Internet or registration server connection.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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