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Which Ports Does TrueConf MCU Use

August 24, 2021
Aleksandr Parinov

Aleksandr Parinov

Network Ports Table

Here you can find a list of ports that need to be opened for the software-based TrueConf MCU server to work properly.  To find out how to open the ports, please refer to your OS or network equipment documentation, or contact your company’s system administrator.

Port Transport Protocol What is it used for? Is it possible to change?
22 TCP SSH The inbound port to access the OS on which the MCU is installed No
443 TCP HTTPS To access the TrueConf MCU web interface No
1718 UDP H.323 For Gatekeeper detection No
1719 UDP H.323 For Gatekeeper RAS No
1720 TCP H.323 For H.323 call signaling via H.225 protocol Yes
1721-1921 TCP H.323 For H.323 call signaling via H.245 protocol Yes
5060 UDP, TCP SIP For SIP call signaling Yes
5062-5262 UDP,TCP BFCP To display content as a second stream via SIP protocol Yes
16384-20480 UDP RTP To receive RTP traffic after the session is established Yes

How to reassign ports

You can change the ports by opening the Administration → Network section and then selecting the TCP/IP ports tab:

Which Ports Does TrueConf MCU Use 1

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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