How to invite your colleagues into the conference?

Konstantin Olmezov
February 7, 2018
Konstantin Olmezov
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Video conference invitations can be sent by:

  • conference owner
  • moderator assigned by an owner during the conference
  • any user belonging to the operator group on the server who has joined the conference
  • Your server administrator via TrueConf Server control panel

If your colleagues have TrueConf Server accounts:

  1. When creating a group video conference using client application, a moderator selects conference participants in conference manager menu. You can choose only online users. They will automatically be invited to a conference upon its launch.
  2. Owners or moderators can invite participants via an address book by double-clicking username during a conference. If the address book does not list the right participants and you know their TrueConf IDs, you can add them without interrupting the conference. After that you can send an invitation via address book
  3. TrueConf Server administrators can select conference participants from the User Accounts section when scheduling a group conference in the server control panel. If SMTP mail server is set on your TrueConf Server, you can send email invitations to the conference participants by clicking Send Invitation. The email notification contains conference name, date, time and conference link. You can add this event to Google calendars and MS Outlook in one click.
    You can change conference participants list (add or remove users) until the video conference has started. All participants will be automatically invited at the start of the conference.
  4. You can invite users into the conference manually after the conference has started. Only your server administrator can use this method. Once you have chosen an active conference, you will see the list of online users. Choose the users you want to invite and click “Apply”:
    How to invite your colleagues into the conference? 1
  5. To invite SIP or H.323 endpoints, conference moderator can add new contacts to the address book in the following format: #sip:@IP or #h323:@IP, where IP is an endpoint address. After that, the moderator can call them as explained in method No.2.

If your colleagues do not have user accounts:

  • Ask your server administrator to connect them to the company’s video conferencing system
  • Use guest connections, TrueConf Server paid extension. This will allow you to run webinars: create a public conference on the server and send a conference link to your colleagues.

If you are TrueConf Online user, add a registered TrueConf user to a conference using methods 1 and 2.

During video conferencing system deployment within an organization, system administrators regularly connect Active Directory to TrueConf Server. After Active Directory successful integration, all your colleagues or those colleagues who are available for a call will appear in your address book.

Please note that TrueConf solutions do not allow you to turn a peer-to-peer video call into a group conference. To add more people into your meeting, you need to end your current video call and create a conference in one of the ways listed above.


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