How to solve a problem with access to the control panel

Vladislav Panzhar
March 4, 2020
Vladislav Panzhar
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With TrueConf, you can deploy a video conferencing system based on TrueConf Server Free which is extremely easy to set up: the installation process won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

After the installation, your browser will automatically open the TrueConf Server control panel at the following address: http://localhost/admin/. If it does not open, you can do it manually by double-clicking on the TrueConf Web Manager shortcut on your desktop. If the issue persists, check the TrueConf Web Manager status and the accessibility of the control panel TCP port.

Checking the status of the TrueConf Web Manager

During the TrueConf Server installation, the following services are added to your system: TrueConf, TrueConf Database, TrueConf Web Manager. TrueConf Web Manager is responsible for accessing the control panel.

To check its status, run Task Manager and proceed to the Services tab.


Start it by clicking the Start button in the pop-up menu. If the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

Checking the control panel TCP port

By default, it is set at 80 (or 8888), however you can also configure it manually. Check if the port is occupied at the moment.

In the task manager, proceed to the Performance tab and select Open Resource Monitor. Unfold the Listening ports list on the Network tab.

If you use port 80 by default, it must be occupied by the tc_webmgr.exe file.


If the Web TCP port is occupied with different process, you can change it manually without re-installing the server. Open TrueConf Server work path (C:\Program Files (x86)\TrueConf Server\ by default). Run any text editor as administrator and open this file \httpconf\conf\listen.conf. Change the port in the  Listen <port> parameter and save the changes. Reboot the computer afterwards.

In your browser, open the TrueConf Server control panel at http://localhost:<port>/admin/, where <port> is the port you have specified.

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