How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online

April 16, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

Dimitry Zuykov

TrueConf Online video conferencing service offers a range of beneficial plans to run multipoint video conferences for up to 20 participants, video lectures for up to 36 participants, and online events up to 120 participants.

We also offer special corporate plan for large teams and enterprises. With this plan you can register user groups (up to 200 participants) for running video meetings. You can try corporate plan for free within 30 days after corporate group registration.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 1

If you do not pay for the subscription after the trial period ends, the users will stay in the corporate group restricted with the free features only.

This manual will explain how to create a corporate group and add participants to it.

How to register a group

In order to create a corporate group, please, fill in registration form on our website.

TrueConf Online corporate group

After that we will send email with your username and password to the address indicated during regisation. Proceed to the group administrator personal area and enter your credentials.

Administrator’s account created during registration can be used only to manage the group. Administrator should create their own personal user account and add it to the group in order to make calls and organize video conferences.

Group administration

How to add to and delete users from the group

Administrator can add and delete group members and edit user data (including administrator’s personal account) in My group section in their personal cabinet.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 2

How to make a payment

Only administrator can make payments, extend plans and change the number of participants in the group from their personal area (Payments Center section). For example, invoice for group payment can be created in Make a Payment subsection.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 3

Maximum number of group members is 200.  If you need video conferences for larger audience, check out TrueConf Server corporate video conferencing server.

How to add users to the group

Users can be added to the group using special corporate code available for group administrator in Group Profile section of the personal area.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 4

Administrator can share this code with the users who wish to join the group by themselves. Further actions depend on whether the users have been previously registered in TrueConf Online.

How to register in TrueConf Online using corporate code

Fill in TrueConf Online user registration form and enter corporate group code given by administrator. When the registration is complete, you will be connected to the group.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 5

How to join the group is you have been registered in TrueConf Online before

Enter your personal area on our website. Open My Profile section and go to the link in the Manage Your Plan section.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 6

Enter group code given by your administrator and press Join a Group.

How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online 7

User can be a member of only one corporate group. Upon leaving a group the user goes back to the plan they were subscribed to before  joining this group (all paid events will be preserved) and will be able to join other groups.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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