Can I change the email address on my account?

Konstantin Olmezov
January 12, 2018
Konstantin Olmezov
Categories: Knowledge Base

Yes, you can change your display name in your Personal Area. To sign in to your “Personal Area”, open TrueConf website and enter your TrueConf ID and password. Alternatively, you can enter your “Personal Area” from TrueConf Online application. To do it, proceed to “Personal Area” menu item.

Select “Change Email”, change your current email address and save the changes by clicking “Update”.

Here you can add up to ten additional email addresses. To add an email, enter your email and click “Add”. After that you’ll receive an email to verify your additional email address. To complete verification process, follow the link in this email.

Additional email address is used to change your primary email address in TrueConf Online. During TrueConf Online authorization process, you can enter your primary email address in case you forgot your TrueConf ID or password.