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The service is designed for the users who need video communication here and now, without investment into their own equipment. It provides video communication via the Internet with the help of TrueConf client software, and allows to place video calls and create group video conferences.

Free plan

Point-to-point HD video calls* and 3-way multi-point video conferences for free. Users can also participate in group video conferences of all type and benefit from collaboration.

Pro Plan

Extends capabilities of the Multipoint Video Conferences (or Symmetric Group Conference) for up to 9 participants.
Price: $29.95/month

Corporate plan

Is designed to be used within an enterprise as it allows to benefit from all features of the video conferencing service TrueConf Online with group administrating capability. Using this plan, TrueConf customers can conduct any type of group video conferences and use all collaboration tools. The number of the conference participants is restricted only by the group size.
Price: starting at $300.00/month for 10 users.


Allows to plan virtual meeting that can be conducted within 24 hours at any convenient time. All participants can use any collaboration tool. An additional meeting web page is created to provide efficient participants coordination.
Price: starting at $50.00/month for 10 users.

* Internet connection fees may apply

Free Plan

* Internet connection fees may applyRead more

Pro Plan

Every member of the corporate group has access to all features a Pro subscriber enjoys, plus:

Corporate Plan

Capabilities for a Corporate Plan subscriber:


  • Ability to create and participate in a video meeting where up to 120 people can be gathered;
  • Chance for any registered user to take part in the meeting;
  • Ability to appoint live up to 3 hosts, who can be seen and heard by all the participants;
  • Ability to enjoy such useful collaboration tools as slide show, screen sharing and a text chat;
  • You can ask to speak and take the podium;
  • Ability to record any speaker.

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