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Video Call FullHD
Video call HD A session between two clients, in which the video quality can go up to FullHD 1080p. Learn more
Multipoint Conferencing
Multipoint Video Conference Symmetric video conferencing, where all participants are able to see and hear each other simultaneously. Learn more
Video Lecture
Video Lecture Asymmetric video conferencing, where all participants (students) see and hear only the host (lecturer), who is, in turn, able to see and hear all the participants simultaneously. Broadcasting with audio feedback from the audience (Push to Talk) is available in the "Pro" tariff plan. Learn more
Virtual Meeting
Virtual Meeting A role-based conference, where any 4 participants can be chosen by the host to be visible and audible to the rest of the participants, who in turn may switch roles with them or use audio messages and chat for feedback. Learn more
Virtual Meeting 1-on-10 Group conference with 1 host, seen and heard by all participants. They, in turn, can use audio replies and chat for feedback.
4-on- 4-on-
Collaboration Tools
A set of built-in tools for making presentations and slideshows, remote desktop control and screen sharing, video conference recording, file transfer, and collaborative drawing using an electronic whiteboard. Learn more
Group Size
In TrueConf Server the number of online users is defined by the license.
  Month Price From $495 / yearFree$$$ / 24h
Interop SIP / H.323v

Free AppsAll client applications are free. We charge only for the server's concurent connections or plan.

CostEvery license or plan includes all expenses and basic support. There are no hidden costs. Special offers are available for Educational Institutions.

VoIP & PBX Integrationv
WebRTC Web Conferencesv
Active Directory / LDAPv
UDP Multicast Supportv
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