Usage of Video Conferencing

TrueConf video conferencing software
  • Saving energy, time and money on trips
  • Conducting group video conferences
  • Raising efficiency of remote management
  • Connecting third-party experts to video discussions
  • Works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

Video conferencing is a technology that provides simultaneous video and audio transmission at a distance by means of hardware and software. In order to have a real-time audio-visual contact all the users need is just a regular computer with a webcam connected to the Internet or a local network.

Areas of Use

Video conferencing technology is used in various fields of activities that require maximum efficiency in decision-making. For example, in business video conferencing serves as a perfect replacement for long-term business travelling and wearing trips. In online or distance education video conferencing allows getting education in the best universities of the world while sitting on a chair at home. In the field of medicine it serves as a means of consulting qualified experts. Videoconferencing is also used in recruitment - to communicate remotely with the employer or applicant. As for the the financial and indusrty sector, video conferencing services help clients save time on negotiations. Finally, in government agencies video conferencing helps to reduce the cost of the state apparatus.

FeaturesTrueConf Online
(cloud-based solution)
TrueConf Server
(for closed networks)
FullHD Video calls 1-on-1available on TrueConf Onlineavailable on TrueConf Server
Virtual Meetingsup to 120 participantsup to 250 participants
Symmetric video conferencingup to 9 participantsup to 25 participants
Creating user groups in the address bookavailable on TrueConf Onlineavailable on TrueConf Server
Collaboration Toolsavailable on TrueConf Onlineavailable on TrueConf Server
Working behind Proxy, NAT and Firewallavailable on TrueConf Onlineavailable on TrueConf Server