# TrueConf Kiosk Overview

# Purpose

TrueConf Kiosk is a software framework for TrueConf Server and TrueConf SDK, designed to provide users with one-way video calls. TrueConf Kiosk can be installed in any hardware was Windows-based platforms.

We demonstrated how TrueConf Kiosk works in our video:


TrueConf Kiosk user interface contains a single “Call” button that calls remote TrueConf. This button is also used to end the call. Additional customization (button image, company logo, promotional video playing during standby mode, etc) can be set in the settings menu. You can also set the server or the user to be called in the same settings screen.

This manual will guide you through main TrueConf Kiosk settings and explain their configuration.

# TrueConf Kiosk features

  • 1080p video calls from call agents to customers, dynamically adapting to the communication channel.

  • The user interface features two buttons: Call button to call a user in any of the supported call string formats, and End call button.

  • Calls to SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices.

  • Document camera support.

  • Automatic call forwarding to the first available operator if the call agent is busy.

  • Different options to place your self-view in the video layout.

  • Set your company’s logo to be displayed at the top of the video kiosk screen.

  • Customize the Call and End call buttons and select the image that will be displayed on the screen when authorizing and connecting to TrueConf Server.

  • Set promotional video that will be played on the video kiosk screen in standby mode.

  • Automatic call and conference recording on the server, if the corresponding option is enabled.

  • Control the application using external commands from third-party devices.

  • TrueConf Kiosk source code is open, free to use, modify and distribute.

  • You can add more than two call agents using TrueConf SDK. The video call escalates into a conference with several presenters.

  • Send documents to print directly to the kiosk using TrueConf Virtual Printer (available via TrueConf SDK).