Online meetings

Enhance your remote collaboration experience today with our highly secure online meeting software.

Online meetings

Collaborate: text, voice and video conferencing

All-in-one unified communications solution structured around video meetings and team messaging that seamlessly integrates with your IT and video conferencing infrastructure.

  • Client apps for all major platforms
  • Video conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Team messaging and file sharing
  • Use on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Integration with room systems and VoIP
  • Address book and presence statuses

You are in control

Imagine being able to control all your corporate communications and store them on your own servers. With TrueConf, you don’t have to share your corporate data with cloud services or anyone else. Run the entire meeting platform on-premises and inside your network.

You are in control
Permission policies

Permission policies

  • Limited access with IP address range or separate admin accounts
  • Provide access to the control panel only to the computers within your corporate LAN
  • Different user roles for managing meetings
  • TrueConf Security Admin role for viewing logs and reports

Experience Truly Interactive Online Meetings

Need to run online classes, team meetings, or business video conferences with everyone taking an active part? Schedule online meetings with 36 people who can see, hear, and talk to each other in real-time.

Interactive Online Meetings
Up to 1000 Participants In a Single Conference

Up to 1000 Participants In a Single Conference

Using our role-based conference mode you can put hundreds of users together in a single conference where each participant can be assigned as one of 36 Speakers by the conference Owner. All other participants can give feedback using audio replies and chat.

Meet clearly

TrueConf is the best choice for the users struggling with limited Internet access, slow connection or low bandwidth. With scalable video coding (SVC) technology, you can be sure that every participant will get the best video and audio quality according to the capabilities of the device used, communication channel, display resolution and selected video window layout.

Meet clearly
Manage audio and video devices

Manage audio and video devices

TrueConf provides flexible settings for managing audio and video devices during the meeting. You can mute or stop audio playback for separate users or all participants, disable their cameras or adjust mic sensitivity.

Meet on any device

Receive calls and use your TrueConf account on multiple devices simultaneously. Your calls and chat history is automatically synced on every device you are using.

Meet on any device

Empower your video conferencing experience with TrueConf!

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What’s an online meeting?

Online meetings allow people to keep in touch with their family, friends and colleagues while staying in different locations. To hold an online meeting, you need a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet. Plus, you’ll need to install a video conferencing solution (the choice of software will depend on your needs). In addition to one-on-one and group meetings, video conferencing solutions offer multiple collaboration tools e.g., slideshow, screen sharing, instant messaging, video recording, and remote desktop control.

Why are online meetings important now?

Online meetings help to improve teamwork in organizations, increase employee productivity, and save travel costs. During online conferences, users can change video layouts, mute/unmute their microphones or turn their cameras on and off. Besides, they can blur their video background or set a virtual one. All these features can make interactions more private and comfortable.

Are online meetings free?

TrueConf Server Free provides unlimited 4K video calls and group conferences for organizations of any size. It will allow you to host meetings for up to 12 participants and use plenty of collaboration tools on any convenient device. You can get a lifetime free license for this solution, but the license has to be renewed once in a year. Check out this page to learn more about TrueConf Server Free.

How do I start an online meeting?

TrueConf users can schedule meetings in advance or create them on the fly in their client applications. Please read this guide for more details.