How to register SIP endpoint on TrueConf Server?

Alexander Galvita
August 26, 2014
Alexander Galvita

Today we will show you how to authorize your SIP device as a user at TrueConf Server. We will tell how to create an account on TrueConf Server and login to SIP endpoint, such as Polycom HDX 8000 and LifeSize Team 220. You will also find out how to make SIP calls.

Step 1: Create a New Account on TrueConf Server

Firstly, the server administrator must go to the Web Manager and create a new account for the SIP user. Go to the tab User Accounts and click on Add User:

In the opened window, fill in the information about the account:

Step 2: Configuring SIP Client

SIP Username and SIP Authorization Name are your TrueConf ID.

Password field is your password for the account on TrueConf Server (set in the step 1).

Proxy Server and Registrar Server fields are for the IP address of TrueConf Server (as an example, used

The addresses can be specified as DNS names in TrueConf Server.

If the port in the addresses is not specified manually, port 5060 will be used.

Note! It is better not to install TrueConf Server and SIP server on one computer to eliminate conflicts.

How to Configure Polycom HDX 8000

Log in to Polycom HDX 8000. Select IP Network tab and enter your data.

It does not matter which transport will chosen. Both IP and proxy fields must be filled identically (when set through a console, proxy field is filled automatically, unlike in the web interface).

Polycom HDR 8000 - Web Interface

When configuring the settings in the web interface, after clicking on Update, the interface freezes (this is the problem of an endnpoint); we managed to configure it only from the console:

Polycom HDX 8000 - Console

You can find out more about how to connect Polycom SIP endpoint with TrueConf Server in our article.

How to Configure LifeSize Team 220

LifeSize 220

Step 3: How to Make a Call from a SIP Endpoint?

To call another user registered on the same TrueConf Server, you can use two options.

Option 1. If TrueConf Server and SIP device are placed at the same local network, it is recommended to use the following calling format from SIP device to TrueConf: ID@IP, where ID is a TrueConf ID of a user who is logged in TrueConf Client, IP is a local IP address of TrueConf Server. For example: ivan@

Option 2. If TrueConf Server and SIP device are placed at different local networks, it is recommended to use SIP service provider (for example, Asterisk) as a SIP registrar. Don’t forget to add your SIP service provider (Asterisk) IP address at SIP Gateway tab of TrueConf Web Manager (“VoIP Server” and/or “Default SIP Proxy”).

If the server is behind NAT, the administrator of TrueConf Server needs to indicate the external IP address of the server in SIP From Domain field, where it is accessible from the Internet. This address is used only for external SIP calls.

Also, if you enter the external IP address or the domain name of the server in the SIP From Domain field, the user of the SIP client can call you back (the incoming call will be displayed in the format user@domain for the SIP user, where domain is the external SIP domain):

Network settings – by default, all IP addresses are used. You can un-check the field and add the addresses manually. To do this, fill the Host and Port fields. Then click on “Add”. The table on the left will display the submitted information. They can also be deleted. To do this, select the one you want to delete by checking the tick on the left and click on “Remove Selected”.
SIP From Domain – domain name or IP address of the server. Click on “Apply” so that the incoming calls are displayed as user@domain, where domain is the Outgoing SIP domain. This allows SIP users to call back the users of the server.

Server – IP-address or host name of the server, which is used for calls in the PSTN.
Login – account of the VoIP Server/SIP Proxy for the gateway.
Password – password to the account of the VoIP server/SIP Proxy, which is used for the gateway in the system.
Registration – registration mode on a third-party SIP server using REGISTER request.

Possible entries:

off – REGISTER request cannot be sent, au-thorisation is performed during a call;

permanent – automatic authorisation on each server’s launch, available untill the server shutdown;

before call – REGISTER request is sent di-rectly before a call and is supported during a call only.

Once a device is registered on TrueConf Server, TrueConf 6.5.9 user will be possible to see the Presence Status of each SIP endpoint.

How to automatically add a SIP / H.323 user to the Address Book of all TrueConf Server users?

To do this, add the SIP / H.323 endpoint to the Address Book of each group, which is very easy to do.

Go to the tab “Groups”. Click “Customize” next to the group to which you would like to add the SIP / H.323 endpoint:

Enter the address of the SIP / H.323 endpoint in the fields “CID:” and “Display name”. After that, it will be displayed in the Address Book on the server and in the Address Books of all group members:

Similarly, you can a SIP / H.323 user to each of the existing groups.

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