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If Administrator wants to make the server visible from the outside (e.g. through the Internet) or to enable remote users to connect to it and to use it, some configuration is usually required.

The most obvious way to achieve this is to set up TrueConf Server outside of the local network and assign it with Public IP address. However in most cases it isn’t an option.

Let’s have a look on another way of using External IP address. Basically all you have to do is to enable connectivity between the user’s machine and server machine via TCP 4307 port.

What is an External Address

Internal address is an IP address configured on a network card of the server machine. In other words it is an IP address of the server for local users.

External address is an IP address or DNS name that is assigned to TrueConf’s client application in order to establish connection with TrueConf Server through NAT, Firewall or Proxy from outside of the local network. External address is assigned to network device (router) through which a local network is connected with the outside world.

How to Configure NAT and Find Out Your External Static IP Address

You need to have access to the router to configure a server to work behind it.

Your external IP address can be found on this router. We recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider or network administrator to find out this address and also learn whether your address is static (does not change with time) or provided automatically by your ISP.

Let’s assume that the internal address of your server is, the external one is static and you are using the recommended TrueConf port TCP 4307 between the server and client apps.

Go the NAT / Fowarding section of your router settings and set the value of the external address to and the value of the internal address to Please note that we are covering general principles of configuring a network, please refer to your network equipment documentation for details.

Please note that there is no need to follow these instructions for client applications. If remote client application “sees” TrueConf Server on External IP address, it will always be connected to it through ICE/STUN techniques and will be available to receive video calls and join group conferences anytime.

How to Add an External IP Address of Your Router to the Server

For this purpose, go the Network Settings tab and check the Show box of the External Addresses section.

After checking the box, Add, Reset and Apply buttons will become active. Please click Add.

By default, the Port field is assigned with the value of 4307. Please enter an IP address, e.g., in the Host field. Save the settings and click Apply:

Network Settings

To enable external users to visit the guest page, add a Public IP. To do this, go to the section “Web-Settings” and enter a Public IP in the field “External Web URL”:

External Web URL en

You have to restart the server for changes to take effect.

After the external IP address is added, users of TrueConf client applications as well as WebRTC users outside the NAT / Proxy / Firewall will be able to seamlessly connect to the server using the external address of your network, and the network equipment will redirect all data through TCP 4307 from External IP to the Internal IP address.

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