How to setup audio?

Alexander Galvita
January 18, 2015
Alexander Galvita
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If you are experiencing sound problems during your video conference – don’t worry, they can be easily troubleshooted.

Let’s consider these issues.

No one hears me during a video call

There might be a few reasons for that:

  • incorrectly selected hardware in the application settings;
  • your audio device is not properly configured;
  • your interlocutor hasn’t properly configured his/her hardware.

Unconfigured or incorrectly selected hardware in the application settings
How to select the audio device: click “Settings” > “Hardware…”, select your audio input in the menu “Microphone” and click “Test”. The following settings are available:

  • adjust sensitivity;
  • enable AGC (Automatic Gain Control).

Microphone Test

Your interlocutor hasn’t properly configured his/her equipment:
Ask him/her to open hardware settings to:

  • check the audio volume control;
  • make sure he/her has select the right device in the hardware settings.

I hear an echo of my voice

TrueConf uses own echo cancellation algorithms, though if those are unable to cope with the task, ask your interlocutor to:

  • lower the speaker volume;
  • move his/her microphone farther from the speakers;
  • use the headset or special echo cancelling microphone;
  • check if the echo cancellation feature is enabled in the hardware settings.
The audio delays or disappears
  • The main reason of the sound disappearance during a video conference is unstable or insufficient Internet connection speed. TrueConf is constantly trying to adapt to such conditions and increases buffering of audio which results in audio delays.
  • Other applications using your channel (P2P clients etc.) may affect video conferencing quality.
  • Overloaded CPU can seriously affect video conference performance. Try not to use applications like HD video playback or Flash animation during video conferences on single-core CPUs.

Background noise during a group video conference

Most often background noise is caused by the computer coolers and extraneous noise (e.g. car engines, wind etc.). In order to eliminate the background noise:

  • find a quiet place (close the windows);
  • place the microphone closer to yourself and farther from the source of the noise;
  • use a headset as microphones and web cameras embedded into laptops are more sensitive to the extraneous noise.
Recommended audio devices for conferencing
  • USB speakerphone Phoenix Audio Duet
  • USB speakerphone Phoenix Audio Quattro 3
  • Logitech USB Headset H390
  • Sennheiser PC 131
Code of conduct
  • speak in turn, do not interrupt your interlocutor;
  • use a normal manner of speaking (do not shout or whisper);
  • switch off the microphone when you sneeze or talk to someone nearby;
  • keep the microphone as far as possible from the pile of documents quickly leafed at the last minute.

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