How to remove background noise in video conferences for Windows

Dimitry Zuykov
November 15, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

Background noise may emerge during video conferences in TrueConf for Windows client application. This problem is often caused by incorrect system settings. This article describes how to set up the application to remove background noise.

How to remove background noise

Step 1. Press Start button.

Step 2. Choose Parameters → System → Sound.

Step 3. Press Sound Control panel in Additional Settings to open control panel for playback and recording devices.

Step 4. Choose your playback device on the Playback tab and press Properties.

Step 5. Check Disable all enhancements box on the Enhancements tab.

Disable enhancements to remove background noise

You are all set up!

Now you can start your video conference according to our user guide for TrueConf client application and enjoy flawless audio!

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