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13 Leading Applications for Group Video Communication in 2024!

July 17, 2023
Nikita Dymenko

Nikita Dymenko

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Applications for Group Video Communication
Hello! Step into 2024, where an exciting array of video chat applications awaits, ready to elevate your virtual interactions! Whether you’re having a brainstorming session with your colleagues, conducting an online class, or planning a virtual meeting, we have gathered the best tools to ensure that your group video discussions are seamless and engaging. Get ready to elevate your online communication with the perfect app tailored just for you!

Explore Zoom!

Zoom is an incredibly useful tool for video communication, seamlessly connecting individuals all around the globe. Its user-friendly design makes digital meetings with team members, clients, or friends effortless.Zoom Monitoring: Enterprise Level Call Performance | IR

Simply log in, click on «New Meeting», distribute the meeting details, and you’re all set! Here’s what Zoom provides:

App Compatibility: Zoom syncs with applications widely-used by Web design companies, like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Slack for efficient virtual collaboration.

High Capacity: It’s capable of supporting gatherings of up to 1000 individuals.

Screen Display: A valuable feature that allows users to share their screen with the group, which is not commonly found everywhere.

Breakout Sessions: This function is essential for conducting private discussions within a larger meeting.

Like anything else, Zoom has its limitations:

Security Concerns: Please exercise caution when handling sensitive information, and bear in mind the past incidents of unauthorized entry.

Time Constraints: Attention, free users! Meetings have a 40-minute duration limit.

Internet Consumption: Weak connections can cause problems, especially when there are multiple participants using video and audio.

Despite these minor issues, Zoom remains a leading choice for engaging and straightforward video conversations for all group sizes. Why not try it out?

Introducing Google Duo (formerly Hangouts)!

Google Duo and Meet are merging as Google's strategy for communication apps continues its haphazard evolution - Liliputing

Google Duo, your go-to option for video calls, is an adaptable tool that enables communication anywhere and anytime, across various devices such as PCs, mobiles, or tablets. It’s designed to make group communication effortless and enjoyable. Initiating a video discussion is just a click away, and the app’s creative filters add vibrancy to your chats!

What makes Google Duo appealing:

Visual Clarity: the solution ensures that you always look presentable during your video calls!

Secure Communication: Google Duo maintains privacy through end-to-end encryption, keeping your talks confidential.

However, keep the following in mind:

Participant Limit: the platform accommodates up to 32 participants in a video call. For larger groups, it is advisable to explore alternative options.

Duration Cap: Google Duo limits free user calls to 60 minutes, making it ideal for brief exchanges but not suitable for extended dialogues.

In conclusion, Google Duo proves to be an effective solution for enhancing efficiency and facilitating quick team meetings.

Join the Conversation with WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is releasing the business directory on Android and iOS | WABetaInfo

WhatsApp offers users the ability to message, call, share data, and engage in group discussions, whether on a mobile device or computer. Plus, thanks to end-to-end encryption, your talks remain confidential. Besides internal communication, WhatsApp marketing can be used to deliver external messages as well.

Creating a group conversation on WhatsApp is effortless. Navigate to the «Chats» section, click «New Group», insert your contacts, and you’re prepared. Initiating a group call is just as simple – select «New Group Call» to assemble the participants.

Here’s an overview of WhatsApp’s capabilities:

Small Picture Mode: Continue other tasks within the app during a call, great for multitasking.

Adaptive Video Quality: The application adjusts itself based on your internet strength, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

However, there are some aspects to consider with WhatsApp:

Call Participant Limit: For larger meetings, a different application will be required as the conference is limited to a maximum of 4 individuals.

Security: Confirm you are on a protected network to maintain conversation privacy.

In summary, WhatsApp serves as an excellent selection for smaller teams, providing cross-device support. It’s a straightforward communication tool that encourages connection and enjoyment.

Introduce Yourself to Discord!


Initially a gamer favorite, Discord has expanded to attract various users. Explore some of Discord’s intriguing functionalities:

Real-Time Sharing: Broadcast your webcam or screen while keeping privacy in mind.

Overlay Capability: Do you want to communicate during a game? Discord’s overlay allows video call interaction.

Permission Management: Administrators and moderators are responsible for managing the capabilities of group call participants. Handle this authority wisely!

There are also some shortcomings with Discord:

Lack of Sophisticated Tools: Are you expecting advanced features such as virtual scenery, interactive boards, or recording capabilities? Discord may disappoint.

Business Environments: The platform’s controls may not be sufficient for professional settings, so it is advisable to explore alternative options when heavily relying on video calls.

Carefully assess Discord’s advantages and disadvantages to determine if it meets your group video call needs.

Next Up, Microsoft Teams!

Скачивание приложений для компьютеров и мобильных устройств | Microsoft Teams

As a versatile communication and teamwork platform, Microsoft Teams requires balanced usage, particularly in business environments. Nevertheless, before choosing the platform, it is important to explore the benefits and potential limitations it may have.
Initiating a Microsoft Teams conference is simple and straightforward: download the application, select «New Meeting», and proceed.
The solution offers remarkable functionalities:

Accommodating Large Groups: The solution is capable of managing a large number of participants.

Virtual Drawing Board: Ideal for creative minds, collaborate without being physically present.

Live Subtitles: While it is a valuable addition, it is worth noting that caption accuracy may fluctuate.

Be mindful of the following:

Connection Stability: To prevent call disturbances, it is important to ensure a consistent internet connection.

Display Limitations: The solution allows for the display of a maximum of 9 video streams simultaneously.

Challenges for New Users: External participants who do not use Microsoft Teams may encounter additional steps, which can potentially lead to confusion or delays.

Let’s take a closer look at FaceTime!

How To Use FaceTime On iPhone & iPad: Make Free Video & Audio Calls | Macworld

Apple’s FaceTime, an integrated video and audio call application, might not be the go-to for group communication, but it boasts some unique functionalities. It offers a user-friendly experience, especially for small meetings among owners of iOS-based devices.

Initiating a FaceTime group meeting is simple and straightforward. Launch the application, insert the participants, and you are ready to start!

Here’s a glimpse of FaceTime’s group video meeting features:up video call features:

Animated Characters: Take your interactions to the next level with custom animations. Prioritize communication, but enjoy some fun!

Voice-Only Option: Ideal when you prefer not to appear on camera.

But FaceTime does have some restrictions:

Group Size: For larger conferences that exceed the 32-participant limit in a group meeting, an alternative solution is required.

Security: Despite previous privacy issues, Apple continuously strives to safeguard your discussions.

Consider the capabilities of Skype!

Skype 8.0 saura chiffrer et enregistrer les conversations | MacGenerationSkype stands as a wonderful platform that unites people globally. The solution facilitates communication, sharing, and maintaining connections with loved ones, all consolidated in one place.

Initiating a group meeting is effortless: simply sign in, choose «New Chat» or «New Group», add contacts, and start the call.
Skype’s compatibility with various apps, including Microsoft Office 365, greatly enhances productivity.

Here are the the solution features that greatly help in solving group tasks:

Real-Time Subtitles: Transformative for those with hearing challenges or language differences, ensuring universal understanding.

Large Gatherings: Accommodate up to 100 participants in a single video call.

Instant Sharing: Easily share links and files for seamless collaboration.

Skype does have its imperfections, such as:

Connectivity: Please be aware of potential connection issues, especially during large meetings.

Privacy: Rumors about data transfers to third parties are often grounded in real facts, so it’s wise to exercise caution.

Bandwidth Requirements: A weak internet connection can compromise the quality of calls.

Despite being an older platform, Skype remains a first-class method to stay connected with users worldwide.

Try Jitsi!

Jitsi Meet | PeatixWelcome to Jitsi, the app designed for video conferencing. This open-source solution provides fantastic collaboration tools like screen sharing and instant messaging.

Using the solution only requires an internet connection and a web browser. Jitsi’s compatibility with various apps and its self-hosting capabilities add a great deal of flexibility.

The platform’s features include:

Breakout Rooms: Ideal for dividing large groups into smaller, localized meetings.

Interactive Board: Helps to work more efficiently on common tasks.

User Authority: Manage participant permissions during conferences.

However, be mindful of the following:

Server Configuration: It can be intricate, especially for individuals who are not tech experts.

Data Protection: Monitor the security, as it may fluctuate depending on Jitsi’s configuration.

Feature Scope: While Jitsi is proficient in fundamental video conferencing, it may lack some of the desired advanced functionalities.

Use Facebook Messenger!

Facebook Messenger Gains New Slack-Style Shortcuts Command System - MacRumorsAre you searching for a lively and hassle-free solution to stay connected with your loved ones? Facebook Messenger is the solution you have been searching for, as it enables you to conveniently text, make calls, and share images and videos.
Initiating a video chat on the platform is incredibly easy. Access the application or site, create a group conversation, and you’re set to connect!

Facebook Messenger integrates well with a wide range of solutions. For example, you can send your Uber trip or listen to your top

Spotify tracks without having to exit the conversation.

Facebook Messenger’s distinct features for group video interactions include:

Playful enhancements: Experiment with different visual effects — сonversations needn’t be mundane!

Superior sound and visual quality: Experience clear and uninterrupted video meetings, regardless of the number of users participating.

Cross-device usage: Facebook Messenger works on a variety of devices, enabling you to effortlessly switch between your computer and smartphone. Convenience is key!

However, do take note of the following:

Security: Exercise caution with the information you distribute, particularly in confidential conversations.

Membership:  Ensure all Facebook followers have accounts before commencing the call.

Experience seamless communication with Signal!

Install Signal Desktop on CentOS using the Snap Store | SnapcraftSignal is a messaging application that focuses on preserving the privacy of conversations and the integrity of data. Whether texting friends, engaging in high-definition voice and video calls, or sending multimedia – it’s your one-stop communication hub!

If privacy matters to you, Signal will quickly become your favorite. Starting is as simple as launching the app, selecting a conversation, or initiating a new one.

Signal’s compatibility with popular solutions enhances its appeal and expands its functionalities.

Its notable features include:

Adaptable video arrangements: Customize the video display to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a grid view or spotlighting the speaker.

Strict Privacy: The application is open source and guarantees the security of user data.

Transparency: Signal’s open-source foundation reassures users of its commitment to security.

Nevertheless, be mindful of Signal’s restrictions:

Maximum number of participants: The platform’s limitation of allowing only up to 8 users to communicate in one online meeting makes it inconvenient for large groups.

Supported OS: Signal currently operates exclusively on iOS devices.

Public use: The solution is not suitable for corporate speaking or training purposes.

Discover Telegram!

Что такое Телеграмм и как пользоваться TelegramIntroducing Telegram, a communication platform that allows you to text, call, and share content with your connections. To ensure privacy, the solution utilizes end-to-end encryption, however, even with this security measure in place, it is still recommended to remain vigilant.

Telegram offers creative chat stickers, bots, channels, and adjustable conversation settings. Additionally, it can be used on various devices, offering options for different operating system preferences.

To commence an online conference on Telegram, select «New Group» include your contacts, and confirm. The voice or video call is ready!

Telegram features are:

Picture-in-Picture Mode: If you need to focus on your own tasks during a conversation, simply minimize the video call window.

Group Video Call Links: Share a connection, and friends can join the call effortlessly.

Yet, take into account these factors:

Participant Restrictions: Group video interactions are limited to a maximum of 30 users.

Basic Collaboration Tools: While screen sharing is possible, Telegram lacks advanced collaborative features.

Keep in mind that Telegram still has some developmental imperfections, but They may be fixed in the foreseeable future.

Let’s talk about Viber!

Viber | Dribbble

Viber is an application that allows users to text, engage in video conferences, and share a myriad of media, ranging from adorable animal pictures to significant documents. While it may not have the latest features, it delivers reliable performance.

Viber operates across various devices, including iOS, Android, and desktops, and emphasizes secure conversations through end-to-end encryption. The application also offers entertaining elements such as stickers, animated images, and a wide range of emoticons.

Launching a group meeting on Viber is easy and straightforward. To start, open the application and choose your friends.

Then, click on the «+» icon and choose the option for «Conference Call». You are now prepared to enjoy a lively conversation!

Simultaneous Messaging: Sending texts while video calling is a convenient option.

Intuitive Design: Viber’s navigation is user-friendly, making it easy to participate in group video interactions.

Clear Audio and Visuals: Expect smooth and continuous communication.

However, note Viber’s constraints:

Maximum number of participants: The solution has a limitation that restricts conference communication to a maximum of 20 users at a time — this can be inconvenient for larger groups.

Application Requirement: All participants of the video meeting must install Viber in advance.

Meet TrueConf!

Voice-Activated LayoutsDiscover TrueConf, an innovative video conference tool that enhances collaborative work. The solution offers excellent video and sound quality, media file sharing, conversation transcriptions, and instant messaging. TrueConf also offers Artificial Intelligence features like smart layout generating, meeting transcription, noise suppression, and more.

From small-scale startups to major corporations, TrueConf caters to all, prioritizing data protection so you can concentrate on your virtual meetings.

To get onboard with the solution, there are a few steps you need to follow. Visit the site, adhere to the accessible guide, and set it up on your chosen device. Furthermore, users can easily customize server configurations through a web-admin panel, allowing them to align it with the specific needs of their organization.

TrueConf seamlessly integrates with applications like Microsoft Outlook for easy scheduling. Additionally, it is compatible with SIP and H.323 protocols, allowing smooth connections with various endpoints.

Some of TrueConf’s main features for group video meetings include:

Maximum number of participants: The conference can accommodate up to 1,500 users simultaneously, with the added feature of recording the discussions.

High Security Standards: Personal data is securely stored on a server and is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Configuration difficulties: It may take some time to familiarize yourself with TrueConf.

Device Compatibility: Please ensure that your computer meets the solution’s requirements, as well as the devices on which you plan to use it.

Try for free!


Group video calling applications have transformed communication in our technology-driven era. Lengthy email threads and traditional in-person meetings are relics of the past. Now, it’s all about simultaneous global connections.

These platforms revolutionize collaboration, social interaction, and telecommuting by offering flawless audio and video, sharing capabilities, and chat options, elevating dialogue to unprecedented heights.

In summary, group video meeting applications have revolutionized global interaction, enabling dynamic and immersive conversations across continents. These digital tools have communicative superpowers that are essential for both professional and personal use.

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