TrueConf Server 4.5.1 Update

Arsen Martirosyan
July 23, 2020
Arsen Martirosyan
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TrueConf Server 4.5.1 Update

Since the release of TrueConf Server v. 4.5 in March 2020, we have been getting a lot of feedback from the companies who successfully managed to move their business processes online and switch to a work-from-home scenario using TrueConf video conferencing software.

As we are entering the post-peak period, businesses are trying to get back to work while protecting the safety of their employees. With the release of TrueConf Server 4.5.1, our users can enjoy better privacy, more stable system performance, and a range of new features. Don’t forget to update!

Advanced DTMF support

We’ve expanded the list of supported DTMF commands to make sure that tones are safely transmitted between TrueConf client applications and third-party SIP/H.323 devices.

In addition, virtual meeting attendees who have joined the meeting from their SIP devices can send a request to become a presenter by entering “1”. To become an attendee, you can use “2”.

Support for SIP proxy servers

With TrueConf Server 4.5.1, you can specify a proxy server to route SIP calls. This feature may be useful for the IT administrators who regularly work with corporate IP PBXes with strict data security requirements.

TrueConf Server 4.5.1 Update 1

TrueConf for Windows update

TrueConf for Windows update brings improved interoperability with USB audio peripherals and Logitech popular room solutions. You can learn about TrueConf for Windows 7.5.2 here.

New web conferencing capabilities

In the latest update we’ve optimized our built-in WebRTC platform to make sure it runs smoothly in case of multiple webinar scenarios. Our team is also working on expanding the list of supported browsers to enable our users to join TrueConf web meetings with no downloads necessary. With the recent TrueConf Server version, we’ve added support for Samsung Internet Browser and the latest versions of Microsoft Edge. In addition, we’ve fixed an issue that did not allow users to select or change their audio and video devices when joining webinars.

Improved performance

Finally, we have reduced the CPU usage, optimized TrueConf Server performance in virtualized environments, and made large-scale virtual meetings more stable and reliable.

The full TrueConf Server 4.5.1. changelog is available here.