TrueConf Server 4.4.4: Video Conferencing for Apple Safari and New API Functions

Alina Krukova
July 4, 2019
Alina Krukova

Meet TrueConf Server 4.4.4, which brings a whole range of helpful tools and features.

From now on, Safari for iOS users can now take full part in TrueConf web conferences. We have also made it easier to create conferences using templates, improved TrueConf Enterprise server integration, and added more features to TrueConf Server API. Apart from that, TrueConf Server 4.4.4 offers a new conference scheduling interface and many other features.

Full-Scale Web Conferencing in Safari for iOS

Previously owners of iOS devices could attend web conferences only as viewers in Safari browser. The updated TrueConf Server supports camera and microphone capture in Safari which allows Apple users to become speakers in web conferences right from their browsers.

Updated Conference Scheduling UI

With TrueConf Server 4.4.4, users can enable conference recording while scheduling a video meeting from their client applications. Previously conference recording could only be scheduled by administrator in TrueConf Server control panel.

We have also updated conference scheduling UI to make it more intuitive and informative.

New API Features

TrueConf Server 4.4.4 offers plenty of innovations  for developers as well. API v3 can now perform new functions – you can learn more about them here. With TrueConf Server API, you can send requests to:

  • check TrueConf Server service status
  • get the list of groups in the address book of a specific user
  • get contacts from the selected group in the user address book
  • get contacts from the user group address book
  • delete a contact from the address book
  • pause conference recording.

Updated Users Page

Searching users has become much easier thanks to redesigned User Accounts section in TrueConf Server control panel. Now users are conveniently displayed and divided into groups.

Conference Templates Page

Conference templates created by system administrator are now displayed in Template List section in TrueConf Server control panel. The new page will allow users to quickly select an appropriate template with already set parameters (conference name, type, conference participants list, etc), making conference scheduling both quicker and easier.

Improved Integration among TrueConf Enterprise Servers

TrueConf Server 4.4.4 ensures improved integration among the servers unified by TrueConf Enterprise. You can learn more about TrueConf Enterprise here .

The full changelog for TrueConf Server 4.4.4 is available here.

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