TrueConf API v3: New Tools for Developers

Alina Krukova
February 26, 2018
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf API v3

We are happy to present TrueConf API v3 which was released along with TrueConf Server 4.3.9 in December 2017. TrueConf API v3 is backward-compatible with TrueConf API’s earlier versions.
Let’s take a look at the main updates.

API v3 documentation

OAuth 2.0 Protocol

API v3 significantly improves safety use of API functions by supporting OAuth 2.0 authentication. The update provides developers with new features for integration with video conferencing systems and applications.

By using OAuth 2.0, administrators can assign a set of rights and functions for each application, which will be available to the users of this app. If necessary, administrators can restrict user access to the server resources.
Please note that we no longer recommend using the old method of accessing API with the master key.

JSON Support

Our experts have added support for JSON, one of the most convenient formats for exchanging data when interacting with JavaScript. JSON is perfect for transferring data objects from the server to the client over the network.

Previously, developers used to specify conference parameters to access API by entering each parameter manually. With JSON it is much easier to create requests and process data from TrueConf API.

User Statuses

With new version, developers can get user statuses through API. This update significantly improves contact center integration by allowing you to check statuses of users in user groups. This update significantly enhances handling call queues in call centers.

Support for Invite Command

Previously, to invite new users to the conference you had to end current conference conference and create a new one with an updated list of participants. Our developers have solved this problem by adding the “Invite” server command, which allows you to invite participants without restarting the conference.

Public Conferences and Webinars

You can find public conferences (webinars) and private conferences in Conference section. A special attribute “allow_guests” regulates if conference is public or private by allowing or forbidding unregistered users to join the conference. In addition, TrueConf Server users with webinar license can now set any ID for private conferences.

Improved Notification System

Server notifications have become more transparent and informative. If a function is called incorrectly, developers receive notifications with detailed error information. If a function does not work, TrueConf API users receive a special warning.