TrueConf SDK 1.1 for Windows Update

Arsen Martirosyan
January 11, 2018
Arsen Martirosyan
Categories: News

Some of our users still haven’t heard about, special developer’s portal at TrueConf website. This section is designed to add integration tools and create new solutions based on TrueConf technologies. Today we are happy to present updated TrueConf SDK 1.1 for Windows, our library for developers.
Detailed description and use cases are available at TrueConf SDK for Windows developer’s section.

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Let’s take a quick look at the main changes.

  • Added. Support for TrueConf Virtual Printer: sending documents to print on the side of SDK application automatically. A useful option for self-service video conferencing-enabled kiosks.
  • Added. Additional layouts for video calls and group conferences. Now you can hide self-view window during video calls or enlarge priority window during group conferences.
  • Added. SDK and TrueConf Terminal users can now enjoy the same functionality! Handle all your conferences in the TrueConf room solution interface.
  • Changed. Support for high DPI systems, including 4K screens.
  • Added. Read the list of current group conference participants.
  • Fixed. Bugs affecting slideshow, file sharing during conferences, and replacing video source with a graphic cover image.

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