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TrueConf Available on Smart TVs Around the World!

January 12, 2018
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

Great news for the users of media consoles and huge TV screens: a new version of TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android is available on Android TV!

TrueConf for Android TV

TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android

You can download and install TrueConf new application in two clicks on Google Play Market. However, we’ve made available a single .APK file for Android devices and Android TV media consoles which do not support the application store. The users only need to run the file on their devices — installation process will start automatically. Please contact our technical support to get this file.

TrueConf team has demonstrated TrueConf for Android TV during ISE 2018 in Amsterdam!

Once installed, TrueConf for Android is available in the application menu as a separate card!

TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android TV

By the way, we’ve supported Nvidia Shield, the best solution for Android TV on the market. We would like to thank our colleagues from Nvidia for their constant support and assistance in solving numerous technical difficulties that used to hamper video conferencing on Android TV.

Let’s take a look at the main sections and options to manage TrueConf application for Android TV.

Manage Devices and Conferences

We’ve put in a lot of efforts and adapted our application interface to meet strict Google requirements. Yet our users still enjoy all types of group video conferences and high communication quality.
On/Off buttons for audio/video devices are located on the bottom of the panel. Click three dots to open additional options, e.g. take the podium, leave the podium, or send an audio remark during video conference.

TrueConf for Android TV


In Android TV, users can sign in with TrueConf ID or social accounts, e.g. Google, Twitter, etc.

TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android TV

In addition, we’ve supported quick authorization via email for Android TV, which is also available in TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android.

Address Book

In TrueConf for Android TV, address book contacts can be viewed as separate cards containing avatar, username and presence status.
Add new users to your address book via TrueConf ID or social services. Additionally, you can send a user an email invitation containing TrueConf for Android download link.

TrueConf for Android TV

Call History

In TrueConf for Android, call records can also be viewed as separate cards containing call date, time and type. By clicking a selected entry in call history, you can open a necessary user profile.

TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android TV

User Profile

We’ve designed user profiles to be as informative and convenient as possible.
They contain the main contact details: name, avatar, ID, and phone numbers. Open user profile to call, start chatting, delete, or block this account in your address book.

TrueConf 1.3.2 for Android TV

Create Conferences

Users can access two cards in the Conference Menu section:
New Conference: create a symmetric, asymmetric or role-based video conference with support for up to 250 participants at the same time.
Join Conference: enter conference ID (CID) and click Connect to join the current conference.

TrueConf for Android TV


Chat is the most popular communication means. With TrueConf for Android TV, users can chat both in and out of video calls and conferences.


We’ve developed user-friendly and intuitive interface to make TrueConf for Android TV operation easy and natural.

TrueConf Android TV

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