How to make a call from a Website using Visicall?

Alina Krukova
December 9, 2015
Alina Krukova
Categories: Tutorials

In this tutorial we show how to make a call from a website, and also how to connect to TrueConf video conference using visicall protocol.

Video call

Website visitor who has TrueConf application (including mobile versions) installed can make a video call to any TrueConf user from any page by following the link:

<a href=”visicall:trueconf_id@trueconf_server_name”>Call</a>

Following this kind of a link TrueConf client application will open and the current user will be called.

Use cases:

  • Video call (TrueConf Online):

    <a href=””>Call</a>

  • Video call (TrueConf Server):

    <a href=””>Call</a>

Entering the group video conference

TrueConf Server users can use links starting with visicall: to join group video conferences by calling specific CID (Conference ID), which is assigned to scheduled conferences in TrueConf Server admin panel:

<a href=””>Join multipoint conference</a>

, where ConferenceID is the conference identifier, which is assigned on a conference creation, is the name of the server on which the conference is being held.

Use case:

<a href=””>Join multipoint conference</a>

ConferenсeID is displayed in TrueConf Server Control Panel on Сreate Group Conference page:


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