Virtual Meeting 4-on-246

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting (or role-based video conference) allows to connect up to 120 users (TrueConf Online) or up to 250 (TrueConf Server) in one meeting room.

Each user can download free version of our software-based video conferencing server TrueConf Server to evaluate its advantages. Download it and see how it's easy to conduct video meetings!

During a Virtual Meeting up to 4 participants can become Speakers, and the rest 116 users are Listeners (246 listeners if the UDP Multicast protocol is used).

Virtual Meeting is available in
vTrueConf Server 4.3.1
Over LAN / VPN / Internet
vTrueConf Online
In the cloud
Video Meeting Operation Scheme
Video Meeting Operation Scheme

Who May Need Virtual Meeting Software?

Virtual Meetings can be used by all kinds of businesses in order to create a unified communication network and raise interaction efficiency within a company. For example, you can conduct daily staff meetings or organize video meetings for department heads of a big enterprise with the staff members of remote departments. In short, Virtual Meetings can be beneficial for people who respect and value their colleagues' time, calculate expenses on communications, and at the same understand the importance of personal contact for success.

Role-based Video Conference with TrueConf for Windows

TrueConf Online client application for video conferencing over the Internet allows you to conduct all kinds of multi-point video conferencing, including role-based conferences. During virtual meeting, all participants can act as speakers, but the number of speakers is limited to 4 people maximum.

How to Organize a Role-Based Conference on TrueConf for OS X

TrueConf for OS X application is compatible with all of the company's solutions, so you can easily communicate with the users of mobile applications for the iPad and iPhone, TrueConf Online cloud service, as well as with TrueConf Server software server users even in Virtual Meeting mode. With the help of our recommendations you can easily organize a role-based conference. At the moment, the interface language of TrueConf for OS X is English only.

Virtual Meeting in TrueConf Mobile Applications

TrueConf Mobile is a client application for those who want to stay connected all the time. No matter where you are: on a business trip, on vacation or on a business meeting, mobility is your main companion. Free role-based conferences on Android and iOS will allow you to quickly interact with colleagues from all over the globe.

What Modes Does Group Video Conferencing Have?

Find out more about all video conferencing modes. What's a video call? How to organize a multipoint conference in TrueConf client applications? What is Virtual Meeting mode and how it differs from a symmetric conference? Find out about these and many other topics in our section!

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