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Join a meeting in TrueConf

Do you need to join a scheduled TrueConf meeting? This article details a number of ways to do that!

Join a meeting in TrueConf
Join from your app

Join from your client app

You don’t need to install TrueConf Server in order to participate in a scheduled meeting. Instead, you can use TrueConf application that allows you to stay connected with co-workers and friends wherever you are. Download TrueConf client application from the guest page of your TrueConf Server instance (please ask the conference organizer to share a link to the guest page) or from our official website.

If you are signed in into your TrueConf application, your status is online and you are available for a call. In this case, you will receive an invitation to a video call or conference from the conference owner automatically.

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Join by link

Join by link

Conference organizers may also invite users to join their scheduled meeting via a link. If you already have your meeting link, enter it into your browser address bar to be taken to a page where you can choose to either join on the web or via the TrueConf app.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you join your meeting if you don’t have your meeting URL. Each company has their own secure TrueConf Server instance, and, as a developer, we don’t possess any information about upcoming meetings hosted on your company’s server.

What if I don’t have a meeting link?

Missed your meeting link? Don’t worry, organizers usually send meeting invitations, so here are some useful tips on how to find your meeting join URL:

Check your email inbox

1. Check your email inbox

Email invitations usually contain the meeting name, organizer’s contacts and the meeting URL.

Check your calendar.

2. Check your calendar

Open your preferred calendar and look for the meeting you want. The meeting link may be contained in the event description: just click on the embedded link and you’ll instantly be entered into the conference webpage.

Check your messenger or chat

3. Check your messenger or chat

Meeting organizer might have shared the link to join the meeting in your preferred messenger, so try to search your message history for any clues.

Contact the meeting organizer

4. Contact the meeting organizer

If you have tried all the options above and still can’t seem to find your meeting URL, try to contact your event organizer directly and ask to send you the link.

If you are not familiar with the meeting organizer, but know the name of the company hosting the event, TrueConf team might be able to help you: contact us via live chat and share all the details of this meeting you are aware of. Our managers will try to look for the contacts of the system administrator of the company or organization that hosts your event. However, please note that this is an extreme measure, which is why we can’t give you any guarantees.

Schedule and host a meeting

Want to host a meeting yourself? With TrueConf, you can meet instantly or schedule a series of meetings with advanced options for your team. Choose your preferred TrueConf solution to learn more and host a conference:

TrueConf Online

TrueConf Online

Sign in with your TrueConf Online account on our official website or create an account and sign up. Proceed to ScheduleCreate a meeting and set up your virtual event.

TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server provides a number of scheduling options for both administrators and users. You can schedule and host a meeting from your client application, guest page, personal area or from the TrueConf Server control panel. Watch this short video or read our meeting scheduling guide to see all the options!