Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are a set of features that make it easier for people to work on a common task or a project. Such features are particularly helpful during video conferences and webinars. The most popular collaboration tools include:


This tool enables users to show slides, photos, diagrams, drawings, and various tables. During video calls or conferences, speakers can support their arguments using visual cues and text. Such an opportunity is usually critical for speakers holding educational webinars or online courses.


Video conference participants can change the look of their documents such as diagrams, photos, or slides using drawing and text-editing tools. Users can annotate, draw, insert stamps or make other other changes to make their points clearer.

Instant messaging (Chat)

Instant messaging or chat comes in handy when participants have to send text and hypertext information, discuss presentations, or express reactions to other people’s arguments and ideas in real time.

Screen Sharing

This collaboration tool can be used for a great variety of purposes because it allows participants not only to share their desktop completely or partially, but also control it in real time. Screen sharing and control makes it possible for video conference participants to show what they are doing at any given moment. It is very convenient because users can help one another cope with various problems, do various tasks together and develop new projects.

Video conference recording

Video conference recording is not a collaboration tool per se, but it is very helpful in working with the materials of video conferences that have already ended. For example, a moderator can publish the video of a conference on the Web to share it with wide audiences while the participants can always watch it again to better process the information.

File Transfer

File sharing may be a great asset during any video conference. Users can send audio and video files, soft copies of documents, drawings and even photos. This feature enables conference participants to avoid third-party file-sharing tools that may be costly, time-consuming, and unreliable. File transfer allows participants to remain where they are, and be sure that none of their documents will be “lost on the way”.