Setting up TrueConf RTSP streaming with Wowza Streaming Cloud

Alina Krukova
January 28, 2016
Alina Krukova

TrueConf Server 4.3.5 added new RTSP Streaming feature. This feature is optional and available only in the full version of TrueConf Server. Want to turn it on? Give us a call at 1-347-878-3263, send us a message in the online chat or e-mail us at

If this feature is already activated in your TrueConf server, then follow the instruction.

Step 1
Create a video conference in TrueConf Server. Open the Group Conferences tab and click Create.

Step 2
You can RTSP stream conference of any type, so choose one. In this tutorial we chose Public Web Conference.

Step 3
Setting up the Public Video Conference:

  1. Fill in the basic form (enter the name of the conference, select participants, and schedule the conference if you want it to start automatically).
  2. Select the RTSP Streaming option.
  3. Copy the RTSP link (you will need it later to set up the stream in Wowza Streaming Cloud) and click the Save button.


Step 4
Go to Wowza Media Systems and go to the My Account tab. If you don’t have an account there, it is easy to create one by filling in a standard Registration Form. Open the Wowza Cloud tab and follow the link:

Step 5
Choose the Add Live Stream option.

Step 6
Enter the Name of the stream which will be shown in your Private Area, and select the location closest to yours, then click Next.

Step 7
Do the following in the Video Source and Transcoder Settings tab:

  1. Select Other RTSP.
  2. Click the Pull Stream button.
  3. Enter the RTSP address of your conference which you copied earlier in Step 3.
  4. Choose the video stream format.
  5. Select the Yes, record this live stream option if you want your conference to be recorded, and click Next.

Step 8
In the Playback settings tab you can adjust the following settings (if necessary):

  1. The width of the player window by entering a value in the corresponding box.
  2. Countdown to the start of the stream.
  3. Upload an image which will be shown before the conference will start.
  4. Upload your logo and adjust its position on the screen, then click Next.

Step 9
Do the following in the Hostage page settings tab (if necessary):

  1. Disable the Play Back of your video (with the Play Back option disabled, the preview of the stream won’t work).
  2. Enter the header for the stream page.
  3. Choose the logo which will be shown on the stream page.
  4. Enter the description of the conference which will be shown to the users on the stream page, then click Next.

Step 10
In the Review settings section check all the info you have entered and click Finish.

Step 11
You could find all the information required to setup streaming on the TrueConf Server control panel on your streaming page At Wowza Streaming Cloud (paragraph 1-5).
You could also follow these links to select your streaming distribution methods (paragraph 6-8)

  1. Enter “Primary Server” into the Primary Name field on the control panel;
  2. Enter “Host Port” into the Host Port field on the control panel;
  3. Enter “Stream Name” into the Stream Name on the control panel;
  4. Enter “Source Username” into the Username field on the control panel;
  5. Enter «Source Password» into the Password field on the control panel;
  6. Direct RTSP link which could be opened in VLC media player;
  7. Video player code which can be added on any webpage;
  8. The links for using Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocols.

Get back to TrueConf Server control panel. Proceed to the Streaming tab, click “Add a new configuration”, select “Streaming via third party services and products” — “Add configuration”. Fill in all the fields as explained in paragraph 1-5 and click “Create”.

Step 12
In the list of group conferences on TrueConf Server choose the conference you have created earlier and click Start. The server will call the host and all the participants to the conference automatically.
When the conference starts, the stream will start as scheduled.

Step 13
On the website click the Start Stream button. In the Video Snapshot window you will see the stream which you are going to deliver to users in one of the ways you chose in Step 12.

Your stream is on now. For all questions please address our Tech Support team: or by phone: 1-347-878-3263.