TrueConf Server Start-Up Troubleshooting

Alina Krukova
May 12, 2016
Alina Krukova
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The problem #1. Server does not start.

There are several reasons why server might not start:

  1. License validity period has expired.
  2. Parameters of virtual or physical server at which TrueConf Server is installed were changed (network card, hard drive, CPU, motherboard).
  3. There is no internet connection (applies only to TrueConf Server Free).

Let us consider each of these reasons in more detail and describe what you need to do to start up the server.

Probable cause #1.1. Server does not start because of expired license

The date of license expiration can be found in TrueConf Server’s web interface in the “Summary” tab “License information” block:


Don’t worry, in 30 days before your license will expire we notify your. If you’re using the Free version, please refer to this guide on how to extend it.

Should the license will not be renewed before its expiration the server will not be able to start.

Probable cause #1.2. Parameters of virtual or physical server at which TrueConf Server is installed were changed

At TrueConf Server registration the binding to certain parameters of PC is created. If these parameters are changed the server cannot start. For example you have replaced a network interface card, re-installed Windows or your virtual machine initialized with different parameters.

In this case it is required to contact us by live-chat in control panel, email or phone to release the hardware lock.

Probable cause #1.3. No internet connection

It happens only with a free version of the server (TrueConf Server Free) because it does not work without internet connection to our registration server. There is no such limitation in full version of TrueConf Server, of course.

The problem #2. The server has started but not registered

Please make sure that the PC with TrueConf Server installed has an access to the registration server via TCP port 4310. You can check it, for example, using a command line with a help of telnet utility:

telnet 4310


This command should be entered in the command line cmd:


To perform the telnet command it is necessary to check if the Telnet client is installed at your PC. Enter to “Control Panel – Programs and components – Turn components on or off” and check if the “Telnet Client” is ticked.

If there is no tick mark please tick it and press “Ок”.

If connection fails you will see the following or similar message:


In this case it is necessary to arrange access to the above shown address and port on the server computer operating systems and network equipment of your organization.