Reports on Previous Conferences

Alexander Galvita
May 12, 2014
Alexander Galvita
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TrueConf Server and TrueConf Online have an option to view information about the previous group video conferences.

The report contains the following information about the events:

  • the names of the users who participated in the conference;
  • date and time of your connection/disconnection from the event;
  • the number of frames per second detected by the software;
  • screen resolution on the devices of the participants.

and much more.

TrueConf Server

Open the Settings tab of the TrueConf Web Manager and click on the Usage report button:

TrueConf Server - Settings

You will be taken to a page with reports, sorted by date:

Usage Report Tab

By clicking on the desired report a page opens with details on previous events:

Previous Events

Additional Features
In the upper left corner of the report page there are icons, that can help you to do the following:

Save — Save the current report in html format on computer’s storage;

Send Mail — Send a recent report to the administrator (will be sent to the address indicated in the tab Network > SMTP in the Admin e-mail field).

In addition to the report on previous conferences, you can view the log of the server statistics. To do this go to the Settings tab, select the View Log button.

TrueConf Online

Go to Personal Area and select Conferencing Log > Group Conferences Log tab. Select the time period that you are interested in and click OK. Then a list of previous conferences will appear:

TrueConf Online - Group Conferences Log

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