How to Deploy TrueConf Server on AWS

Alina Krukova
April 13, 2019
Alina Krukova

Starting from 1 January 2019 TrueConf Server cannot automatically be deployed from AWS Marketplace. However, you can always deploy your server on any dedicated or virtual machine which meets our system requirements, including Amazon cloud.

1. Go to TrueConf Server page on AWS and click Continue:

2. Use your existing AWS account or create a new one to authorize. Then click “Sign in using our secure server”:

3. After authorization, select your region and virtual machine type:

4. Create key pair. To do it, scroll till the end of the page and click Visit amazon EC2 Console:

5. Click Create Key Pair in the EC2 Console.

Set the name for your key pair and click Create:

6. The key pair has been created. The downloading of your key pair file will start automatically. You will use this file later when launching your virtual machine.

7. Go back to AWS tab. Press Launch with 1-click button.

Click AWS Management Console:

8. You can check the status of your virtual machine on Instances tab.

9. When 2/2 checks status is displayed in Status Checks field, connect your key pair. Right click on this status and select Get Windows Password in the context menu.

10. Click Choose File in the next window. Select key pair file (see step 6).

Open the file and click Decrypt Password.

11. In the next window you can find your username and password for TrueConf Server access. Keep these credentials (you can always go back to this step and change them later). Click Close.

12. Proceed to TrueConf Server Control Panel. To do it, enter the address specified in Public DNS (IPv4) in the address bar of your browser.

13. You are now on TrueConf Server guest page. Press Administrator login button.

14. Enter username and password you saved earlier (see Step 11).

15. Enter your existing TrueConf Server registration key or get a new one. Press Register. Click Get free key button to get the key. Learn more about TrueConf Server installation process and settings here.

16. TrueConf Server is ready to use and is available at the address specified at the control panel header (e.g.

17. Create user accounts to connect to your server from client applications. Learn more about creating users accounts in our guide (starting from Step 5).

Happy video conferencing!

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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