Top 5 Video Conferencing Software in 2021

Alina Krukova
April 2, 2021
Alina Krukova
Categories: Reviews

Video conferencing is an essential and routine part of daily lives all over the world. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to meet anytime, anywhere has become a new normal, resulting in the largest video conferencing boom in the world’s history.

The advantages of remote work are obvious: the virus risks shrink, while your productivity improves. Companies and individuals hold daily and weekly meetings, product presentations, interviews, and even summits. The key benefits of remote communications, apart from health protection, include time and cost saving on top of convenient business tools.

However, it’s easy to get lost among tons of separate solutions and tools for free video conferencing, collaboration, messaging, emails, and phone calls. Switching between a number of tools to get your ideas across to your team should be a nightmare for any person, as it may also lead to constant anxiety and fear of missing something important out.

To get your employees self-confident and focused on their tasks, you should choose a single and integrated Unified Communications platform that connects your entire business staff, is easily accessible and stores all important information in one place, helping you share your ideas effortlessly. Here are top 5 video conferencing software solutions to choose from in 2021.


Top 5 Video Conferencing Software in 2021 1

TrueConf is a self-hosted UC & video conferencing software, which means your data will be stored within your corporate network and can only be accessible to your system administrator. TrueConf is usually preferred by privacy-conscious businesses, government, education and medical organizations that have strict data security demands. 

The solution offers 4 video conferencing modes: video call, video lecture, multipoint conference and virtual meeting, as well as advanced host controls (video layout management, user devices control, meeting moderation, etc), which could be a plus for important business and board meetings. TrueConf also provides 4K video conferencing and a number of collaboration tools, such as instant messaging and file sharing, slideshow, desktop sharing, desktop remote control, meeting recording, reactions and polling. Meetings can be both scheduled and started ad hoc thanks to presence statuses, users can join both from their browser or with client apps for all popular platforms.


Top 5 Video Conferencing Software in 2021 2

You might already be aware of Zoom, one of the most popular video conferencing apps for online calls during the pandemic. The service is quite user-friendly and provides basic collaboration tools, such as screen sharing and meeting chat. In its free tier, Zoom limits meetings to 40 minutes, 100 participants and one host.  Participants can join meetings from their browsers, but if they want to use advanced features, a Zoom account is required. Webinars and breakout rooms are available as part of paid plans. 

On the cons side, Zoom doesn’t offer a complete unified communications kit due to the lack of address book, chats and channels, as well as advanced integration with your corporate IT infrastructure. Another Zoom major concern is security: you might have already heard of “zoombombing”, which means that some of your ongoing Zoom meetings could be interrupted by third-party hackers. So large-scale enterprises should think twice and ensure company-wide awareness when choosing a communications solution to avoid possible risks.


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Jitsi is an open source web conferencing platform, which means that all the meetings will happen within your browsers. To organize a conference, the host needs to start it and then share the link to join with all the users that need to be present. Users don’t need accounts and authorization to join the meetings. Jitsi might be a good choice for someone who organizes small webinars with up to 75 participants and doesn’t need to use interaction tools. 

Speaking of Jitsi’s disadvantages, it is important to say that custom development and installation of additional software is required to add advanced features or integrations. Additionally, Jitsi lacks basic UC features and client apps for desktop platforms, which makes it a poor choice for corporate usage.

Microsoft Teams

Top 5 Video Conferencing Software in 2021 4

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration solution. One-on-one video calls and group meetings are available for up to 300 people, with a 60-minute time limit in the free version. Web conferences and streaming are available in the paid Microsoft Office Suite plans. For enterprises, Microsoft Teams is a good option if you are already using Office 365 suite. 

In terms of possible disadvantages, Teams users usually mention lack of flexibility and interoperability with other video conferencing solutions, which might be a problem if you are communicating with clients and partners who are using different meeting services. Additionally, when starting using Teams, you might need some time to gradually adopt the tool, as it’s not so easy to hop on.

Google Meet

Top 5 Video Conferencing Software in 2021 5

Google Meet is a web conferencing solution for day-to-day meetings up to 100 participants and 1 hour limit in the free plan. It provides basic collaboration tools, such as screen sharing and whiteboard, as well as subtitles support, and may be a good platform for SMBs that already use G Suite paid packages. 

On the cons side, Google Meet might be an arguable choice due to the lack of such features as common address book, file sharing and team messaging and advanced host controls for video meetings. Recording, streaming, polls and reports are available only in the premium Google Meet packages.

How to choose the right video conferencing software? 

If you are looking for the best deal for your business and are not sure what provider to go with, look at the detailed comparisons of some of these platforms. Alternatively, simply contact us and our managers will be in touch to help you make the right decision.