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TrueConf Server Version 4.3.0 Supports H.323 Integration

December 3, 2014
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

TrueConf has introduced a new version of its software video conferencing server, TrueConf Server 4.3.0. The new version now features support for H.323 endpoints, widescreen video, and slideshows in WebRTC conferences, as well as improved connection quality on SIP devices.

In addition to its existing SIP protocol for integration with telephony and video conferencing endpoints, TrueConf Server 4.3.0 now includes support for the H.323 protocol, the most common protocol in video conferencing networks built on legacy hardware solutions.

TrueConf Server 4.3.0It is now possible to integrate TrueConf Server with hardware video conferencing endpoints and infrastructures in which MCU is configured to operate via H.323. TrueConf solutions use their own proprietary protocol, and SIP and H.323 are used for integration with third-party solutions. TrueConf developers rely on the SIP protocol and enhance its interaction capabilities, and so TrueConf Server now features broadband sound and accelerated video encoding for SIP devices.

How to Register TrueConf Server on the External H.323 Gatekeeper?

Support for H.323 has been implemented in beta version. As of today, beta operates seamlessly with some Polycom terminals via H.323. But with your assistance, we can expand the list of supported devices, just install TrueConf Server to test its compatibility with your H.323 terminal. Please notify us of the results through the ticketing system.

The new version of TrueConf Server also supports the Slide Show tool in WebRTC conferences for users of TrueConf for Windows, and the aspect ratio of the transmitted video is now 16:9. Users can now see other participants’ user names displayed in the video window during conferences. In addition, TrueConf for Windows 6.5.0 and TrueConf for Android 1.2.2 have been released.

TrueConf equips PCs, mobiles and meeting rooms with high quality video conferencing and collaboration solutions. TrueConf apps and solutions are easy to use and are fully compatible with legacy and SIP equipment, meaning that you save money on infrastructure while still utilizing state-of-the art technologies like scalable video coding (SVC) and intelligent stream manipulation.

More than 1500 companies and 3 million customers around the world choose TrueConf to meet their video conferencing needs. TrueConf native client apps are powered by 100% software architecture, and our products are available as both an on-premises solution and as a cloud service for end-customers and partners.

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