TrueConf Server in Slack App Directory

Alina Krukova
March 31, 2017
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf Server in Slack App Directory 1

Now it’s official: TrueConf Server has been approved in Slack App Directory! Starting from the v. 4.3.8, we have added Slack integration into TrueConf Server. Now you can easily start conferences, both private and public, on the go right from your Slack channel.

Previously we have posted a detailed instruction on how to setup Slack integration in our blog and made a clear video guide. Be sure to check out those instructions in case you missed them!

If you did everything right, after the initial setup your TrueConf Server is paired with Slack and you team members can use several commands to start video conferences:

/trueconf – launch internal conference available only for TrueConf Server users. To invite all members of your channel to the group conference via their client applications, press “Call Everybody”.

Note: Make sure the users invited into the conference are online in their TrueConf client application and Slack app and their emails on TrueConf Server and Slack match.

TrueConf Server in Slack App Directory 2

/trueconf_webinar – launch public conference or webinar available for TrueConf Server users and guests or external users. By clicking “Join the conference” you will proceed to a webpage where you can join the conference using your browser (via WebRTC), temporary TrueConf client application for your OS, or existing video conferencing endpoint in your meeting room.

You are free to send this link to all the guests in any way suitable for you. The list of webinar users is not limited to your Slack channel. However this function is only available after purchasing an additional extension for your TrueConf Server.

TrueConf Server in Slack App Directory 3

Learn more about TrueConf Server 4.3.8 new features in our blog post and changelog.