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TrueConf Server 5.0.3 Update

August 4, 2022
Katerina Shramko

Katerina Shramko

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TrueConf Server 5.0.3 Update 1

We’re glad to announce the release of TrueConf Server 5.0.3, the latest update of our all-in-one video conferencing platform for Windows that brings a number of useful enhancements.

To update your TrueConf Server instance to version 5.0.3, you don’t need to purchase a technical support package, contact our support team, or re-register your video conferencing system.

Please note: you don’t need to re-register your server instance when updating from version 5.0+. In other cases, follow our detailed guide.


Key updates and improvements

    • The built-in TrueConf client app for Windows has been updated to version 8.1.2. Check out the 8.1 updates here.
    • We’ve reduced the load on the video conferencing platform when working with users connected to the session via a browser.
    • We’ve improved the pop-up notification mechanism to make sure that users of mobile devices don’t receive such notifications repeatedly in chats with a large number of participants.
    • We’ve fixed a bug that caused TrueConf Server users to be disconnected from a conference hosted on TrueConf MCU 30 minutes after joining it via SIP.
    • We’ve fixed a bug due to which user accounts were mistakenly created for guests, who joined a conference hosted on TrueConf Server.
    • We’ve fixed a bug that caused video windows of guest participants connected from a browser to not be displayed in the video recording made in TrueConf client app for Windows, Linux, macOS.
    • We’ve fixed a bug that could cause “Recently active” status to be mistakenly displayed in the address book for users from a federated server.
    • We’ve fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible for users from federated servers to receive messages from each other in private or group chats.

For a complete list of updates, check our changelog.

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