TrueConf Server 4.4.5: New Opportunities in Virtual Meetings

Alina Krukova
December 6, 2019
Alina Krukova

TrueConf Server 4.4.5: New Opportunities in Virtual Meetings

We are glad to release TrueConf Server 4.4.5, an updated version of our secure software platform for video conferencing and collaboration. We have added some new features and made more than 30 improvements and hotfixes to bring you even greater video conferencing experience.

Let’s take a quick look at the key improvements in TrueConf Server 4.4.5. 

Please check this guide to update to the latest version.

Virtual Meetings with up to 300 Participants  

We have increased the maximum number of participants in role-based conferences. Thanks to the new feature, you can invite up to 300 participants to virtual meetings. 

 More Speakers on the Podium 

In TrueConf Server 4.4.5, the number of speakers in role-based conferences no longer depends on the total number of participants. Now even if 300 users take part in a conference, up to six speakers can take the podium. 

TrueConf for Windows 7.4.0 Update

A new TrueConf for Windows client application is now available for download at TrueConf Server guest page. Learn more about its features here. 

Other improvements

  • Default conference duration raised from one to eight hours
  • Improved audio quality in video calls on weak and unstable channels.
  • Better video quality in conferences with SIP/H.323 endpoints   

Check the full list of changes in TrueConf Server 4.4.5 here