TrueConf MCU: Software-based MCU server

Alina Krukova
July 28, 2020
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf MCU

Meet TrueConf MCU, our software-based MCU server for standards-based video conferencing endpoints. 

Designed to replace outdated traditional hardware, TrueConf MCU is a purely software Linux-based solution that enables customers to scale their existing video conferencing system and substantially lower capital expenditure. Thanks to enhanced CPU and GPU optimization, TrueConf MCU supports video conferences for up to 150 participants.

Fully featured free version for up to 4 users

TrueConf MCU is a unique market offering  that provides a fully-featured free version for an unlimited time period. The free version is already available for download on our website as a DEB package. To learn more about TrueConf MCU licenses comparison, read our article

Key benefits


TrueConf MCU lets administrators schedule video conferences: set start time and date,  invite authorized MCU users, set a PIN to protect your communications, enable recording, etc. In addition, during the scheduling process you can enable or disable your camera, microphone, and speakers in advance as well as allow or forbid sending conference video to each invited participant. 

Планирование конференций в TrueConf MCU

Managing video layouts

With TrueConf MCU, you can flexibly manage your video layouts both during the scheduling process and in real time. The administrator can set a global layout for all conference participants and configure individual layouts for each connected user or device. Additionally, TrueConf MCU administrators can save video layouts as templates for further use. 

Планирование конференций в TrueConf MCU

Far-end peripherals control

TrueConf MCU provides you with advanced tools for managing microphones, cameras and speakers of the conference participants. Administrators also can choose not to show conference video to a specific participant and turn on auto dial if the connection is lost. 

Планирование конференций в TrueConf MCU

Content sharing and conference recording

TrueConf MCU supports H.239, BFCP, and RTSP protocols to share presentations, play media content, and show the video from surveillance cameras during video conferences. In addition, the solution allows you to record video sessions for future playback. What’s important, you can record the meeting with an individual or global view applied depending on your needs.  

Video conference streaming

Just like TrueConf Server, TrueConf MCU can be used for streaming to popular services, such as Wowza, YouTube, and CDNvideo. Thanks to streaming, an unlimited number of viewers will be able to attend your meeting. Additionally, you can embed the streaming widget to your corporate website or blog to engage your audience with your meeting. 


Administrators can access TrueConf MCU settings in the corresponding section of the control panel. Here you can check your network connection, change video quality, add new users and set access rights, select the system language and view TrueConf MCU statistics. Administrators can also import and export user accounts from the current address book.

Планирование конференций в TrueConf MCU

Cascading for large-scale or critical meetings

TrueConf MCU supports cascading, i.e. it is able to connect two or more MCU servers, keeping user group preferences and system settings. This feature is important for running large-scale conferences or critical meetings, as it allows administrators to increase the number of meeting participants and reduce MCU server load.

How TrueConf MCU works

TrueConf MCU

Integration with other TrueConf solutions

TrueConf MCU can complement your existing TrueConf-based video conferencing infrastructure (e.g. TrueConf Server and TrueConf Group). 

Thanks to full interoperability with TrueConf Server, you can get additional enterprise features, such as integration with corporate IT services, e.g. LDAP/Active Directory. Besides, users who want to join the meeting from their own devices, as well as VoIP subscribers and external users can also be invited to the conference hosted on TrueConf MCU.