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TrueConf at Integrated Systems Europe 2019

February 14, 2019
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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On 5-8 February 2019, the RAI Amsterdam hosted Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s largest professional AV and systems integration tradeshow, gathering 1300 exhibitors and +100,000 visitors with a strong passion to all the things AV. TrueConf was proud to join ISE community for the sixth time and hit the industry with cutting-edge video collaboration solutions.

TrueConf at Integrated Systems Europe 2019 1

At TrueConf’s stand, things were always busy: more than 1,000 attendees had a chance to receive a live TrueConf demonstration and learn the latest video collaboration trends. We would like to thank our visitors for their keen interest in our products! Let’s take a virtual tour to TrueConf’s booth to experience the atmosphere at ISE 2019.

Enjoy the wrap-up of the best TrueConf innovations at ISE 2019:

TrueConf Room: New Look, New Features

At ISE we announced the release of TrueConf Room — a modern software room controller with fresh interface and a number of useful features.

TrueConf Room was showcased in bundle with Logitech Tap, a new touchscreen controller for meeting rooms, which also was premiered at Integrated Systems Europe. TrueConf Room has become one of the first software solutions fully compatible with Logitech’s new offering.

Conference Room Automation

Visitors to TrueConf’s booth had a unique chance to witness the live demonstration of our software solutions designed for speaker tracking in conference rooms of any size.

TrueConf Tracker is an application that works in bundle with Phoenix Audio Condor and is used to automatically track speakers using beamforming technology and a PTZ camera.

TrueConf Weathervane is a software system for large conference & meeting rooms designed to work with multiple PTZ cameras and conference systems by leading world’s manufacturers, e.g. Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser.

TrueConf for Large-Scale Companies

Large-scale companies with a big number of users often choose TrueConf.For such companies we provided a demonstration of our corporate solutions — TrueConf Enterprise and TrueConf Directory.

Our technologies allow customers to effectively manage and scale video conferencing infrastructure across large, complex organizations at an affordable and integrate several video conferencing servers into unified address space with global user directory.

Click-to-Call Solution for Remote Customer Service

TrueConf Kiosk, open source app for remote customer care, was one of the most popular demo in our show program.

This solution allows customers to embed video conferencing into information kiosks or video contact centers and fully customize the interface according to the customer’s request.

4K UltraHD Video Conferencing

At ISE we’ve also showcased 4K video calls.

We are endlessly grateful to our partners — Logitech, Phoenix Audio Technologies, Yamaha and Beyerdynamic — for your constant support and assistance during the show. We were happy to showcase the latest video collaboration innovations together!

If you want to learn more about TrueConf solutions or try their full potential — just schedule a personal demonstration or download a free version of TrueConf Server.

See you at ISE 2020!

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