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TrueConf Tracker is a specialized auto tracking software for PTZ cameras used in small and medium-sized meeting rooms to automatically track speakers using Phoenix Audio Condor microphone array.

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Version 2.0β (2.65 MB)

Compatible Microphone Arrays

Phoenix Audio CondorPhoenix Audio Condor
Phoenix Audio Condor

The Condor is a beamforming microphone array with a built-in DSP. Designed to provide a clutter-free solution with multiple interfaces for audio pick-up, this microphone array is perfect for huddle-rooms and open spaces. The Condor is compatible with any speaker or sound bar.

Condor (MT600) microphone array

How Auto Tracking Works

Condor Beamforming Microphone Array divides the room into 7 sectors and tracks voices in every sector using audio beams technology. This very feature has been used to develop TrueConf Tracker software.

In TrueConf Tracker, PTZ camera is voice tracked via microphone array beams by separating speakers in the conference room. We’ve spent quite some time calibrating this system and adding additional coordinates such as tilt and zoom. The tilt and zoom functions are selected based on presets created for each of the 7 directions in TrueConf Tracker software.

Auto Tracking Camera Software

Once the Condor identifies active speaker, TrueConf Tracker associates it with the vector directed to meeting room seats and gives command to set a corresponding PTZ camera preset.

Auto Tracking PTZ cameras

Smart and Easy Configuration

TrueConf Tracker is a convenient and cost-effective tool for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, which allows you to add auto-tracking capabilities to any PTZ camera. It is easily integrated into any existing video conferencing system and can be set up in several minutes. TrueConf Tracker, combined with any compatible PTZ camera and Condor microphone array by Phoenix Audio Technologies, can alleviate common challenges during video meetings and significantly cut costs for any organization.

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TrueConf Tracker 2.0β (2.65 MB)
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