TrueConf Server 4.3.9 is Finally Here

Alina Krukova
December 12, 2017
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf Server 4.3.9 is Finally Here 1
Over the past nine months, we’ve been working hard trying not only to meet high expectations of our customers but also exceed them. We’ve set up a new record with more than 200 requirements and 450 changes introduced to TrueConf Server 4.3.9. As usual, you can take a look on our website to find the complete changelog. In this blog post we are sharing a couple particularly exciting new features.

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New and Stylish Web Conference Interface

TrueConf webinars acquired a new modern look and elegant design, which will definitely impress TrueConf users and guests. We’ve completely rethought the interface and optimized WebRTC module to ensure best-in-class user experience and improved performance rate. On top of that, our new solution is fully compatible with the latest browser versions, including Safari for macOS.

We’ve also added extra functionality to manage the conference and conference attendees in TrueConf web conferences. These functions were previously available only in TrueConf client applications:

  • Content and video are now displayed in 80/20 proportion as compared to 50/50 layout used before. Enlarge content window to see the slightest details and enjoy the best video quality with TrueConf!
  • Starting from TrueConf Server 4.3.9, moderators can manage conference layout in WebRTC interface. As soon as layout is selected, it applies to all WebRTC / H.323 / SIP / RTSP participants. Moderators can also select priority window or drag participants’ videos across the screen.
  • Additionally, attendee can be assigned as a moderator directly from the conference participants list during a web conference. Conference owners and moderators can also manage the speakers, remove users from the conference and turn on/off their cameras and microphones using this menu.
  • WebRTC users can share desktop or a separate application window with the help of TrueConf content sharing extension for Chrome.
  • Browser-based participants can also receive all the files sent from desktop applications to the chat. Use this feature to send presentations or documents to the conference participants before the webinar ends.

SIP and H.323 Connection Configuration

System administrators can create custom rules for each H.323/SIP device connected to the server using TrueConf Server gateway control panel. We believe that this feature is especially useful for those companies using legacy video conferencing endpoints with a set of different codecs supported.

TrueConf has made a few enhancements to additionally protect SIP connections.
We’ve supported TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols for signaling encryption (information about conference participants, start and end of video conferencing session) and SRTP (Secure Real Time Transport Protocol) for media streams encryption (audio, video and content). Similarly, H.235 protocol has been supported for H.323 media data protection.

TrueConf Server 4.3.9 is Finally Here 2

TrueConf has supported ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) protocol to ensure gateway operation behind NAT. With ICE protocol, it is simple to connect third-party endpoints to your video conferencing server.

We have greatly optimized CPU load when using the gateway and increased its compatibility by supporting Cisco Open H.264 video codec. Cisco Open H.264 is by far the main standard to connect legacy video conferencing endpoints.

Another great WebRTC advantage is an opportunity to manage video layouts for SIP/H.323 devices. Once the video layout is selected, it is automatically applied not only to SIP/H.323 participants connected through the gateway, but also to the conference recording and RTSP streaming.

API V.3 New Interface

TrueConf Server API v.3 provides developers with multiple features to integrate TrueConf Server with third-party products and services, while authorization using OAuth 2.0 protocol ensures secured API interactions.

With OAuth 2.0 protocol, system administrators can outline a set of permissions and functions available for the application users. If required, administrator can also restrict user access to the server resources.

Please note that we no longer recommend old method of accessing API with the help of master token.

Skype for Business Integration

We are thrilled to announce that TrueConf now supports Skype for Business integration. TrueConf users can easily make a call, create a video conference or start chat with Skype for Business users and vice versa! You can also invite devices connected via other protocols, e.g. SIP or H.323, to the conference with Skype for Business users.

Skype for Business users can call TrueConf users with the help of simple chatbot commands. To see the list of available commands, try to call chatbot.

To enable Skype for Business integration, we’ve added a special rule template for SIP connections. Additionally, TrueConf gateway now supports Microsoft X-H264UC video codec.

By the way, Skype for Business users can enjoy TrueConf smart layouts instead of native Microsoft gallery view.

TrueConf Server 4.3.9 is Finally Here 3

Far-End Camera Control of SIP/H.323 Endpoints

PTZ cameras (FECC, Q.922, H.224 and H.281) can now be remotely controlled on the server. Conference moderator can control third-party video conferencing endpoints PTZ cameras using joystick in TrueConf 6.5.9 client application interface. Local PTZ camera control is available in TrueConf for Windows beta version.

TrueConf Server 4.3.9 is Finally Here 4

Learn more about TrueConf Server 4.3.9 updates in our changelog:

Update to TrueConf Server 4.3.9

If you have annual license, you can purchase TrueConf technical support package and update TrueConf Server. If you have unlimited license, please contact TrueConf sales department. You can download updated TrueConf Server for free during 1 year if you have a valid extended or full texhnical support package agreeement. If you purchased your license more than 1 year ago, please contact your sales manager and request TrueConf Server update.