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What to do if TrueConf Server doesn’t launch or register?

April 14, 2022
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

Problem  No. 1: TrueConf Server Doesn’t Launch

It is often the case that once you click Start and some load time is up, the server still remains stopped, registered, and this repeats over and over.

What to do if TrueConf Server doesn’t launch or register? 1

Step 1: Try to Re-Register Trueconf Server

In some cases, the problem may arise because of your license changes (e.g., you had a paid trial license and it expired). In this case, the server may stop after switching from the trial version to the free version. To fix this issue, go to Summary → License info in the TrueConf Server control panel and click the Register button. Then re-register the server with your registration key (you can find it in the email that you received when first downloading TrueConf Server).

If TrueConf Server still doesn’t launch, follow the next steps.

Step 2: Check Server Log

Make sure that your server log contains no hardware key error string:

07/02/2017 18:54:08|0| 2354| UNKNOWN| CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!

If it does, follow troubleshooting steps set out in our blog.

This error could occur if you, for instance, moved your TrueConf Server to another computer or reinstalled Windows.

Step 3: Check Internet Connection

TrueConf Server, a free version of our video conferencing server, cannot launch without an Internet connection. Make sure that the computer with the server installed is connected to the Internet. To troubleshoot Internet connection problems, contact your network administrator.

Step 4: Check Server License Validity

Check TrueConf Server license validity in the control panel by navigating to Summary → License info tabRegistration details section. If your license has expired, contact us for renewal.

Problem No. 2: TrueConf Server Doesn’t Register

Make sure that the computer with TrueConf Server installed can access reg.trueconf.com, a registration server, over 4310 TCP port. This is mandatory if a free version is used.

You can check this, for instance, by using a telnet utility with the following command:

For running telnet command, please make sure that the Telnet Client is installed on your computer. Go to Start → Settings → Apps → Programs and Features → Turn Windows features on and off and check the Telnet Client box.

If the registration server cannot connect to your server, you will see the following message:

In this case, solve TrueConf Server registration problem by providing your computer and organization’s network equipment with access to the above address and port.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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