How TrueConf Server users can join a meeting on BlueJeans

Vladislav Panzhar
November 18, 2019
Vladislav Panzhar
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With TrueConf Server, you can make calls to popular video conferencing endpoints via SIP/H.323 and join video meetings hosted on other video conferencing services. This article describes how to join video conferences hosted on BlueJeans platform using TrueConf for Windows client application.

How to join a meeting on BlueJeans

To join a video meeting on BlueJeans from TrueConf for Windows client application, enter the string, where 123456789 is a unique identifier of the video meeting on Bluejeans into the search field and press call button.How TrueConf Server users can join a meeting on BlueJeans 1

You can also join the video meeting by entering one of the following call strings:

  • #sip:123456789@IP
  • #h323:123456789@bjn.vс
  • #h323:123456789@IP

where IP – is the IP address specified in email invitation sent to the participant of the BlueJeans

Using collaboration tools in Bluejeans meetings

Once you’ve joined the BlueJeans video meeting, you can both communicate with other conference attendees and use collaboration tools:

  • Slideshow
  • Desktop sharing

TrueConf users can share their screen with Bluejeans users and vice versa. However, slideshow is available only from TrueConf to Bluejeans, as Bluejeans platform does not natively support slideshow.


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