How TrueConf Server users can join a meeting hosted on cloud-based video conferencing services

Dimitry Zuykov
November 18, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

With TrueConf Server, you can make calls to video conferencing endpoints via SIP/H.323 and join video meetings hosted on third-party video conferencing platforms. Currently we support integrations with popular cloud-based services such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans Meetings, Lifesize Cloud, and GoToMeeting. This article describes how to join video conferences hosted on these cloud-based services.

Please note that you can join meetings hosted on a third-party video conferencing platform via SIP/H.323 only in case the corresponding feature is enabled on this cloud-based service. To learn more please contact your meeting organizer.

Dial string formats for online video conferencing platforms

The table below shows dial-in formats for joining meetings hosted on popular cloud-based video conferencing services:

Platform SIP dial string format H.323 dial string format
Bluejeans #sip:<Meeting_ID>






  • <IP> is the IP address that can be found in the meeting invitation sent to the BlueJeans meeting participants.
Zoom #sip:<Meeting_ID>


#sip:<Meeting_ID>...<Host Key>


#sip:<Meeting_ID>.<Password>..<Host Key><Meeting_ID><Meeting_ID>#<Password><Meeting_ID>###<Host Key>

  • <Password> is the meeting password.
  • <Host Key> is a PIN used to become a moderator in a meeting.
Cisco Webex #sip:<Meeting_ID>


Domain name is randomly generated for every Cisco Webex user.
Lifesize Cloud #sip:<Meeting_ID>


GoToMeeting #sip:<Meeting_ID>@




How to join a meeting on BlueJeans

To join a video meeting on BlueJeans from TrueConf for Windows client application, complete the following steps:

  1. Dial the following parameters:, where 123456789 is a unique identifier of the video meeting on Bluejeans
  2. Press call_button.How TrueConf Server users can join a meeting hosted on cloud-based video conferencing services 1

Once you’ve joined the BlueJeans video meeting, you can both communicate with other conference attendees and use collaboration tools:

  • Slideshow
    Slideshow is only available from the TrueConf app.
  • Desktop sharing
    TrueConf users can share their screen with BlueJeans users and vice versa.


Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.