Control Panel (TrueConf Room)

TrueConf Room control panel is a web interface used to manage the meeting room software. Control panel and start screen are the main parts of the TrueConf Room together with the start screen.

TrueConf Room control panel provides access to the following features:

TrueConf Room allows only one user to connect to the control panel. Upon the second user connection the first user will be  automatically logged out.

How to connect to the control panel

Scan QR code displayed on your start screen with the camera of your smartphone or tablet that will be used as a control unit. Follow the QR code link to enter the control panel.

Start Screen

This link will be also displayed next to QR code so you can copy it to your browser address bar.

If the link is not displayed on the start screen, ask TrueConf Room administrator to send it to you.