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How to Backup / Restore TrueConf Server Settings

September 20, 2021


A copy of the TrueConf Server settings allows you to backup the basic settings of your server: users, groups, scheduled conferences, network settings. This capability is useful when re-configuring the server, e.g. after reinstalling the operating system.

Backup copy does not save files from the working directory (C:\TrueConf where a server stores log files) as well as recordings.

It is very easy to restore the saved server settings. Let’s try to do it together!

Step 1: Backup the Settings File

Go to the Settings tab of the TrueConf Server Control Panel. Select Backup settings in the Configuration section:

How to Backup / Restore TrueConf Server Settings 1

When selected, a dialogue will be displayed where you can select the directory to save the settings file.

Step 2: Restore a Backup Copy of the Settings

After installed and registered the server, go to the tab Settings. Click Restore settings to apply the previously saved settings:

How to Backup / Restore TrueConf Server Settings 2

Restoring a backup copy of the previous server version

If you restore settings from a backup copy created on the previous server version, you need to re-run the installation of the newer server version to apply the settings.

Step 3: Make Sure the Server is Running

Select any tab in the web configurator, check if the settings have been restored. If server does not run after restoring backup settings, check the network settings: the current IP addresses might not match with the previous IP addresses of TrueConf Server, and you will need to configure the IP addresses again.

If you are restoring the settings on Windows version other than the version you ran when you were making backup of those settings, you will need to re-register the server to run it.

More on server settings

If you are installing a new version of the server over the old one, all settings are retained, you don’t have to apply backup settings after the installation of a new version of the server.

If you are installing the older version of the server over the new one, the stable operation of the server is not guaranteed.

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